‘I’m not gonna get, I’m gonna give’: Dolly Parton celebrates 77th birthday by surprising fans with a new song

Jan 22, 2023
Dolly Parton marks her 77th birthday with a new song inspired by God. Source: Getty

Dolly Parton celebrated her 77th birthday on January 19 in a truely generous and godly fashion, surprising fans with a new single titled Don’t Make Me Have To Come Down There. 

Parton announced the release of her latest tune via an Instagram video, where she starts off by singing herself Happy Birthday before explaining the inspiration behind the new track.


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“Well! Today is my birthday. So Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!” she starts off by saying.

“Somebody said, ‘What are you going to get on your birthday?’

“I said, ‘I’m not gonna get, I’m gonna give’. I’ve got a song that I’m dropping today on my birthday.

“It’s a song that came to me in a dream and I felt like it’s worth putting out there, something special.

“Well, it’s special to me.

“I had a dream about God standing on a mountain, looking down at us saying, ‘Don’t make me have to come down there!’ And then, it woke me up.

“I got up, I started writing this song and over a period of weeks and months, I finished it, as things would come to me. And I just felt like I should drop it on my birthday.

“So I hope you enjoy it.”

Parton’s post was met with an abundance of birthday messages from her fans, as well as comments expressing their excitement about the new song.

“Dolly…you are just an angel on this Earth. So grateful for all the good and grace you model daily.”

“Happy birthday Dolly! If sunshine and rainbows were a person it would be you. Thank you for all you give and for just being you.”

“Happy bday to the Queen of hearts! Thank you for the new song, Dolly! I truly love it and its meaning is so deep. Love ya tons!”

“Happy birthday Dolly thank you for sharing the beautiful song with us”

The release of Parton’s new song is indeed evidence that she has no plans on retiring anytime soon.

The singer recently made it clear she has no plans of putting her guitar down. Speaking to Us Weekly, Parton admitted she was too much of a workaholic to want to wrap up her career.

“I don’t think I could retire if I wanted to. Cause I’ve dreamed myself into a corner, as I say. Cause all these wonderful things keep happening and you gotta keep the dream alive,” she said.

“Since I love to work, I always say I’ll just work. ‘I’m gonna make hay while the sun shines,’ is the old saying. So, I’m gonna do that until I can’t do it anymore.”

With a stellar music career spanning over fifty years in which she has sold more than 100 million records worldwide, time and time again Parton has shown that she has no intention of slowing down.

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