Dawn French flaunts her fashion flair in reclaimed tea towel dress

Dawn French's tea towel dress wows fans. Source: Getty

Beloved comedian Dawn French has once again made headlines, and not because of her hot take on the scone debate, this time it was her bold and colourful fashion statement that got fans talking.

Taking to Instagram the Vicar of Dibley star posted a photo of herself wearing a dress made entirely from reclaimed materials.


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“A dress made from vintage tea towels,” French captioned her post, sharing that she got the impressive dress from London-based vintage clothing and jewellery brand, Lady Boo.

While the idea of a tea towel dress may sound a bit comical, the frock is far from laughable. The tunic-style midi-dress features bold patterns, a full skirt, and wide sleeves. French paired her dress with chunky black boots and dark glittery eyeshadow while rocking her signature sleek grey bob.

The dress undoubtedly left a lasting impact, as a number of French’s fans eagerly took to the comment section to express their desire to be part of the sustainable fashion movement.

“How bloomin’ fabulous is that!!!!! (Goes to find old tea towels and sewing machine…),” one person commented.

“Wow. Rushes to vintage tea towel collection!” wrote another.

“@jemappelle_sarahb_ @fran_h_harper ladies you can sew, right? Please make me one of these,” wrote a third.

French’s latest fashion statement comes months after she announced the release of her upcoming memoir The Twat Files, where she takes a refreshingly candid approach to embracing all her “faux pas” and “stupid decisions”.

“Now, look, I’m known for a few things, aren’t I? I’m known for asking about titting about, of course, and funnying about something I’m not known for, if we’re honest, is perfection,” the 65-year-old said in her video announcement. 

“And so I’ve decided to write new book called The Twat Files. And in this book, I am documenting all the times in my life that I have been so far from perfect. In fact, all the times that I’ve been an utter twat.

“And there are many, many, many examples, more than I ever thought, alarming amount of times that I have made faux pas, mistakes, stupid decisions and got things very, very wrong,” French continued. 

“But look, the fact is that I’m sort of butting against being perfect, having filters and perfect angles.

“I’m saying let’s be flawed. Let’s celebrate the flaws and all the mistakes we’ve made. Let’s wear them like medals across our ample bosom.”

French’s upcoming memoir The Twat Files will be available for purchase on October 12, 2023.

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