Dawn French spars with artificial intelligence over long running scone debate

May 11, 2023
When it comes to serving scones, Dawn French has always never been afraid to promote the "jam first" approach. Source: Getty Images.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an all too common presence in today’s world, permeating nearly every aspect of our daily lives and providing a vast array of benefits and conveniences.

However, a recent AI recommendation on the proper way to serve scones has sparked controversy, drawing attention and condemnation from the likes of Vicar of Dibley star Dawn French.

The multi-talented 65-year-old is not just known for her remarkable skills as an actor, comedian, and writer but also for her passionate advocacy of the “jam first” approach when serving scones.

So when the Very British Problems Twitter account asked what the correct serving method for scones was, French was determined to weigh in, especially when the AI suggested a method that had “no respect for all that is holy”.

“Asking ChatGPT if it puts jam or cream first on a scone,” Very British Problems tweeted.

“As an AI language model, I don’t actually have the ability to eat scones or have a personal preference, but if I had to choose between the two methods, I would probably go for the Devon menthod of putting the clotted cream on the scone first, followed by the jam on top,” the AI replied.

“I think it’s because the cream acts as a base, allowing the jam to spread more easily and making for a smoother overall taste. However, again, it’s really up to personal preference, and both methods have their merits.”

French simply could not stand for such blasphemy and was quick to take to the comments section of the post to share her two cents.

“You are a robot with no taste (literally & figuratively) & no respect for all that is holy. And right,” French stated.

Although the comments section was flooded with people also sharing their thoughts, many threw their support behind French’s stance.

French has never shied away from advocating for “jam first” when it comes to serving scones, having recently reignited the debate with a post to Instagram where she was seen enjoying tea and scones alongside her friends.

“Jam first tea with the Frenchies,” she captioned the video.


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Even as far back as 2020, during an interview with Good Housekeeping, French expressed her unwavering opinion on the proper order of serving jam and cream on scones. She went as far as to state that putting cream on first is not only a faux pas but downright “offensive.”

“What I would say is: butter is optional, but if you’re going to use butter, it goes first,” she explained.

“Then the jam, then the cream. That’s it. The big mistake is to think that cream is butter.

“Jam is for spreading, cream – and it’s got to be clotted cream – is the dollop. It’s the crown.

“If you do it the other way, I genuinely find it offensive! I just do. I’ve got into a bit of a Twitter war with certain people about it.”

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