‘Spirits are high’ as John Farnham continues his road to recovery

May 10, 2023
In the lead-up to the premiere of John Farnham: Finding The Voice, Farnham's sons have provided details about the singer's recovery. Source: Getty Images.

As singing legend John Farnham continues his journey towards good health after battling cancer, his sons have revealed that despite some setbacks they are “excited about the future”.

In August 2022, the legendary singer behind the chart-topping anthem You’re The Voice underwent surgery and treatment for mouth cancer. Sadly, Farnham experienced a setback when he was readmitted to the hospital in late March of this year due to a respiratory infection.

Now in the lead-up to the premiere of the documentary John Farnham: Finding The Voice, Farnham’s eldest son Robert has provided details about the singer’s recovery.

“We’ve seen him a lot and spirits are high,” Robert told The Sydney Morning Herald. 

“We’re excited for the future. He’s very happy and things are going good.”

While Fanrham’s recent health woes have dominated headlines, the conversation quickly turned to the upcoming John Farnham biopic.

“It’s a really cool watch,” his youngest James said.

“It’s a crazy story. And I’m super happy that it’s been told, and it’s been told respectfully and been told truthfully.”

Source: Getty Images.

Robert and James’ comments come after it was revealed that the Aussie entertainment icon has “made a full recovery” from his recent chest infection that saw him admitted to hospital.

After the You’re the Voice hitmaker underwent surgery and treatment for cancer in 2022, the 73-year-old was dealt another blow to his health when he was hospitalised in March of this year with a respiratory infection.

However, it can now be revealed that Farnham is on the road to recovery after his family issued a statement updating fans on his health status.

“We’re pleased to say that John made a full recovery from a recent chest infection in late March which required hospitalisation,” the statement read.

“He is now comfortable and continues to receive ongoing treatment and rehabilitation care.

“The family would like to re-iterate their appreciation and deepest respect for all the medical staff that have attended to John over the past eight months and the many thousands of kind messages that (have) been received from across Australia and the world.”

With a career spanning several decades, Farnham has firmly cemented his status as one of Australia’s most beloved performers. Best known for his smash-hit 1986 album Whispering Jack which shattered records by becoming the highest-selling Australian album of all time by a local artist, Farnham has consistently topped charts and captivated audiences with his undeniable talent.

His chart-topping single You’re the Voice further solidified his place as a music icon, and his success has been recognised with a staggering 19 ARIA awards and an induction into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2003. Additionally, Farnham’s popularity among music fans was so great that he earned the title of King of Pop for five consecutive years, as voted by readers of TV Week.

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