‘Some days it feels like forever’: Patti Newton opens up about life after Bert

May 04, 2022
Patti Newton opens up about life without Bert. Source: Getty

Patti Newton has paid a heartwarming tribute to her late husband, Bert Newton, six months after the famed performer lost his ongoing health battle.

Patti appeared in her first interview since her husband’s death, telling The Morning Show hosts that the days tend to blur together since Bert’s passing

“It’s a really odd feeling because, to be honest, some days it feels like forever, and other days it feels like yesterday,” she said.

“I’m very lucky. I have a beautiful daughter Lauren and six grandkids that keep me very busy. And we always talk about him a lot. I think because he’s very much present in the house and everywhere we go, it does help.

“I think he’s sort of here with me, and he will always be. And I didn’t want him to suffer anymore, so I probably am relieved that he’s in a safe place and resting peacefully and he’s still surrounded by a lot of love.

“That’s what gets me through.”


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Patti said Bert was always able to find “the best out of nothing” regarding his situation, recalling that he was always able to find the silver lining in the mundane tasks of life.

“I was so proud of him because, to be honest, he was able to find joy,” she said.

“I mean his biggest excitement was; I go in every morning and I say, ‘How are you?’ And he’d say, ‘Ah, I had the most beautiful shower’.

“You’ve got to admire that – I think it’s finding the best out of nothing really.”

Bert’s daughter Lauren Newton shared how much she missed her father on her social media in December 2021, saying she missed “everything about him”.

“I miss everything about him but his smile and the fun we had is at the top of the list. I hope I told him enough how much I loved him. I always felt his love for me and I hope he felt mine,” she wrote.


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The television legend died, aged 83, on October 30, 2021, while in palliative care at a private clinic in Melbourne, following a toe infection that saw both his legs amputated in March 2021.

Bert’s death rocked Australia, with Prime Minister Scott Morrison remembering him for being the familiar face that brought Australians together.

“Australia loved Bert. There will never be another like him. Bert came into our homes and made himself very welcome. He was a regular guest and we always looked forward to his next visit…,” Morrison said.

“There was a familiarity that connected us to Bert, but it also connected us to each other.

“We could laugh together. That was his gift. Bert could give and take a joke. He could laugh at himself, I’m sure that’s what made Australians warm to him as much as we did. Even when a joke misfired, he had that ability to scramble in a way that made us laugh, and put everyone at ease.

“Australians also understood his steadfast love of Patti, and her steadfast strength. To Patti and the family, Jen and I send our love, and we send the country’s love as well.”


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