Larry Emdur delights fans after expertly taking internet trolls to task

May 10, 2023
Larry Emdur has taken on cyber bullies in his latest social media post. Source: Getty Images.

The Morning Show’s Larry Emdur has delighted fans after taking an online troll to task over nasty comments they made about the beloved television personality.

Taking to social media, the 58-year-old shared a screenshot of the hateful message he had received from a clearly dissatisfied viewer who asked, “who watches you anyway these days” after calling him a “dead sh*t”.

Rather than cop the vile abuse, Emdur shared a screenshot of the message to his Instagram page, humorously suggesting the commenter “unfollow” him if he has elicited such a reaction.

“So, two things: Firstly, I 100% agree with you,” he wrote.

“Secondly, and I’m not a qualified doctor, but honestly, you need to unfollow me IMMEDIATELY !!!! and go and follow people on Insta who make you happy, make you smile and bring you joy.

“All the best.”


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A post shared by @larryemdur

Fans and colleagues were quick to praise Emdur for his comical approach to the matter while offering messages of support.

“Sad world mate… so many unhappy angry souls. But you mate are brilliant,” one person wrote.

“Gold Larry! Pure gold! Love ya.”

“Larry, you are the highlight to many peoples day!! There are so many angry/unhappy people out there, that make life hard. Please don’t think about that horrible post. Think about all love you have from everyone else. ???? Please continue being You!!!!”

“People are weird!!… I watch you @larryemdur always have, always will,” commented another.

“Great response. Keep on entertaining the masses with your wit and charm.”

It’s not the first time Edmur has used his platform to call out poor behaviour, when Queensland was being ravaged by floods in 2022 he took to social media to slam flood looters who had targeted homes and businesses left decimated by the destructive weather event.

The popular television host posted a furious rant to his Instagram, telling his followers the situation has made him “so mad and so so sad”.

“Dear absolute f***ing a**eholes looting houses and businesses in the devastated flood zones know this, every single person in Australia hates you right now!” he wrote.

“Stealing from people who have lost everything…

“You are beyond pathetic!!”

In addition to taking on cyber bullies and calling out flood looters, Emdur has also shown his softer side on social media often delivering heartfelt messages to those close to him.

He recently delivered a heartwarming message to his wife in celebration of their 28th wedding anniversary.


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A post shared by @larryemdur

In December 2022, Emdur shared a loved-up snap of him and his wife Sylvie on Instagram alongside a caption where he professed his love for his partner.

“Happy 28th anniversary baby doll,” Emdur wrote.

“From the moment that sun comes up to the moment it goes down and every moment in between I adore you.

“The love and warmth and wisdom in those hypnotic magical blue eyes gets me through every day.

“I hope you let me kiss your cheek and smell your eyebrows like this for another 28 years xxxxxx.”

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