‘Her presence was just there’: Olivia Newton-John’s family reflect on her state memorial

Mar 01, 2023
Olivia Newton-John's family have reflected on the "warmth and love" that was felt during the late star's state memorial. Source: Getty Images.

After thousands gathered to bid a final farewell to Olivia Newton-John during her state memorial, her family has reflected on the “spectacular” service while sharing their feelings from the day.

Fans joined friends and family at Melbourne’s Hamer Hall on Sunday, February 26 to honour and bid a final farewell to one of the world’s “greatest talents”.

In addition to her family, a number of high-profile figures from near and far delivered a number of heartfelt tributes on the day.

Following the moving ceremony, Newton-John’s family have spoken of the “warmth and love” that was felt on the day.

“You know, it was so much warmth and love in that Hammer Hall with everyone,” Newton-John’s husband, John Easterling, told Sunrise.

“It was quite a spectacular day.”

Newton-John’s daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, revealed that as she took the stage to deliver her moving speech she could “really feel mum’s spirit there and the love”.

“I think the love carried us both through – it was difficult to get up there,” Lattanzi said.

“I got up there because I listened to my mum within me, she said, ‘You’re so strong, my darling. You can do this’.

“It’s a privilege to stand up and shout to the mountaintops how proud you are of your mother and how much you love her.

“It was just the love that lifted me up there and then mum – I felt – came into my body and carried me through.”

Although Lattanzi revealed that she feels as though her mother is with her every day, she said she felt her mother’s with her “especially at that moment”.

“Her presence was just there in a very real way,” Easterling agreed.

While reflecting on their final farewell to Newton-John, the pair also announced that Olivia’s Walk for Wellness is set to return on October 8 this year.

“The wellness walk is really an integral part of Olivia’s dream, just a continuation and a thriving of her dream,” Easterling said.

“The wellness walk has been a huge success every year – the number of people coming out has doubled and this is all about supporting people with cancer.

“It’s all about the quality of life for people going through the cancer journey.”

They also assured fans that they would both return to take part in the walk.

Newton-John passed away following a long battle with cancer on August 8, 2022.

The Grease star died peacefully surrounded by her family at her Southern California ranch, according to her husband who announced her passing via social media at the time.

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