Allison Langdon opens up about that infamous Tracy Grimshaw snub

May 31, 2023
Langdon has now offered some insight on the matter, revealing that it was all a simple misunderstanding. Source: Getty Images.

A Current Affair host Allison Langdon has set the record straight on the awkward encounter she shared with former host Tracy Grimshaw following her farewell episode.

Following Grimshaw’s final broadcast in 2022,  a rather awkward moment unfolded on camera involving Grimshaw and her successor as crowds bid farewell to the veteran television host.

As Grimshaw made her final exit from the studio, her network colleagues showered her with applause, hugs, and heartfelt wishes. Footage showed Grimshaw walking through a guard of honour created by well-wishers. However, when Langdon approached her for a hug, it appeared as though she hesitated to embrace the gesture.

The footage quickly led to speculation of animosity between the pair, however, Langdon has now offered some insight on the matter, revealing that it was all a simple misunderstanding.

“Trace sent me a great message very early that morning – which is good of her.  I think the problem was that she knew I was the new host – it hadn’t yet been announced – so she and I had been talking a lot,” Langdon told Stellar Magazine.

“And I think in that moment, she’s overwhelmed because, if you know Trace, she hates a fuss. So we’re all standing and cheering her, and it wasn’t her favourite place to be.

“And it was like, ‘Gee, hang on, if I give Ally a hug and that gets snapped, then [people might know she’s the new host]’.”

Grimshaw shocked viewers when she revealed that she would be stepping down as presenter during the Monday, September 6, 2022, broadcast of ACA, explaining that she made the choice to step down and wasn’t “being shoved out the door by the boys club” because she was “too old”.

“Normally right about now we’d be telling you what to expect tomorrow night but lately I’ve personally been thinking longer term, and I have some news that I wanted you to hear from me before you hear it from anyone else,” she told viewers at the time.

“I’ve decided to finish up with A Current Affair this year.

“It’s been a big decision and before the gossip websites start telling you rubbish, I want you to know it’s been my decision alone and I’m not being shoved out the door by the boys club because I’m too old.

“I’m not too old, I’m just a bit tired. And for the record, both the boys and the girls have asked me to stay.

“But I’ve basically been a shift worker for 26 years, driving to work before dawn for 9 years on the Today Show, and the past 17 years driving home after dark here on A Current Affair and it’s time for less of that daily obligation.

“It’s been my privilege to host this show.

“Thank you for your loyalty. I hope I’ve repaid it. I’m around until November then I’m going to take a long holiday, but it’s business as usual until then. See you tomorrow night.”

Grimshaw signed off for the final time on Thursday, November 24, 2022, the broadcast proving to be an emotional one as Grimshaw bid a moving farewell to her loyal fans and close-knit crew during her final episode.

Despite the difficulty of saying goodbye, Grimshaw pushed through to deliver a sincere thank you to her audience.

“We are your show and the million of you, who watch every night, know that,” she told viewers.

“Thank you. Without you, there would be no us.

“Soon you’ll all find out who’ll be in this chair next year. Please make them welcome.

“Thanks for your company. Goodnight.”

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