Beat the mad rush with Australia Post’s festive season parcel deadlines

Get your festive parcels delivered on time with Australia Post's newly released deadlines. Source: Getty Images.

The festive goodies are out in the shops, the decorations and lights are going up and it’s just under two months to Christmas.

Christmas is traditionally a time to show those closest to you how much you care and think about them. But December 25 generally approaches so fast that a mad rush sometimes ensues to get those thoughtful gifts out on time.

Last year Australia Post delivered 52 million parcels and they’re expecting another huge festive season this year.

So if you’re thinking about spreading some holiday merriment to friends and loved ones far and wide, here are their deadlines to make sure your cards and parcels arrive on time.

To ensure your gifts arrive on time Australia Post recommends sending your Christmas parcels as early as possible, and by the cut-off dates.

Anything sent after these dates will be delivered as quickly as possible but there will be no guarantees they will arrive on time.

Dates for sending within Australia (except Western Australia and Northern Territory) are December 18 using Parcel Post and December 21 using Express Post.

When sending to and from Western Australia the deadlines are slightly earlier; December 15 for Parcel Post and December 20 for Express Post.

For Northern Territory the dates are even earlier; December 14 using Parcel Post and December 20 using Express Post.

All deadlines are for parcels that are being delivered to and from metros.

According to Australia Post, international sending cut-off dates vary depending on destination and whether you are using international standard or international express delivery.

Sending to International Standard International Express
New Zealand 7 December 2023 13 December 2023
USA 6 December 2023 13 December 2023
Canada 4 December 2023 11 December 2023
UK 5 December 2023 12 December 2023
Major European destinations 1 December 2023 8 December 2023
China and most of Asia 30 November 2023 7 December 2023

It is recommended that overseas parcels be sent as early as possible as deliveries may be affected by factors that are beyond Australia Post’s control such as customs delays, overseas postal disruptions and other restrictions. The rule of thumb is to send them out as early as possible so that they get there on time.

Use the AusPost app to track your parcel

Australia Post’s data reveals that one in ten shoppers track their purchases multiple times a day, and one in two check up on their parcel more than three times before it’s delivered.

They recommend tracking parcels through the AusPost app which was recently updated to include a two-hour estimated delivery notification and the “on-time” delivery predictions are 85 per cent accurate.



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