‘The hack I’ve been looking for’: Transform your vacuum into a dirt-busting marvel with this simple trick

Mar 03, 2024
A cleaning expert has come to the rescue of homeowners across the nation with a clever method to make reaching those tricky spots a breeze. Source: Getty Images.

Tackling the formidable task of cleaning your house can often feel like a Herculean feat, but nothing embodies the true essence of domestic drudgery quite like the overlooked, hard-to-reach tracks on sliding doors – silently accumulating layers of dust and filth over time.

Fortunately, a cleaning expert has come to the rescue with a clever method to make reaching those tricky spots on sliding doors a breeze.

Taking to Instagram, user ACleanBee, shared how fitting an empty cardboard toilet roll to the end of a vacuum cleaner nozzle helps tackle the dirt that collects in the sliding door tracks.

Where traditional vacuum attachments fail, the flexibility of the cardboard roll proves to be the perfect fit for various track sizes.

To ensure a spotless finish, she wiped away any remaining residue with a mixture of white vinegar and water.

“Cleaning window and door tracks CAN actually be easy! Who knew?” she wrote.

“Tried this toilet paper/paper towel roll hack and being the lazy gal that I am, I was so pleased by the results to effort ratio.”


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The online community quickly erupted with excitement as many applauded the ingenious toilet paper roll trick with many keen to give it a go.

“I was just noticing I need to clean my door tracks and was kind of dreading it. Going to try this!” one user commented.

“Omg the hack I’ve been looking for!”

“I was JUST talking to my husband about how we need to clean our door tracks! Thanks for the tip!” another shared.

“This is awesome! Where we live is so dusty and dry and it’s such a hassle to clean our slider channels. Thank you!”

“Definitely going to try this, thank you!”

While cleaning the tracks of your sliding doors is no doubt difficult, another arduous cleaning task that most homeowners will no doubt dread is cleaning the oven.

However, another simple yet remarkably effective cleaning hack recently took the internet by storm, leaving homeowners in awe of its astonishing results.

With just one simple ingredient and minimal effort, the revolutionary method is transforming dirty ovens into sparkling, like-new appliances.

In a video shared to TikTok, content creator Yagmur ingeniously employed a sliced lemon and a bowl of water to tackle the stubborn grime within an oven.

The process begins with Yagmur placing a sliced lemon into a generous bowl of water. With the oven switched on, she carefully positions the bowl inside the grimy appliance, allowing the lemon-infused water to work its magic.

After a mere 20 minutes, Yagmur removes the bowl from the oven and proceeds to transform the lemon water into a powerful cleaning agent. Utilising a microfiber cloth soaked in the lemon water, she delicately wipes down the oven’s surfaces.

Remarkably, the results are instantaneous. The grime on both the oven door and interior effortlessly lifts away, with the microfiber cloth effectively collecting the remnants of old grease.

Please note: It is essential to exercise caution when attempting any cleaning method involving electrical appliances. Always ensure the oven is switched off and follow proper safety protocols to minimise any risks.

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