It’s spring cleaning time! Top cleaning tips for a fresh and organised home

Sep 04, 2023
These spring cleaning hacks will definitely make your life easier! Source: Getty Images.

As winter comes to an end and the days start to get warmer, there’s no better time to get your life back in order. A spring clean of the house is the perfect way to not only improve the look of your home but also how you feel when you enter the space.

Decluttering, organising and general cleaning are all massive stress relievers but knowing where to start when the mess has started to get out of hand can be tricky. So here are a few tips to ease yourself into it and make sure you’re not doing more work than you need to!

Work to a list

Cleaning can go one of two ways, depending on the kind of person you are. Either you start off strong before getting sick of it and giving up half-way through, or you get more and more detailed as you go along, prolonging the process as long as possible.

If you create yourself a checklist (or even get one for free online) you’ll not only be able to stay on track with your timing, but you’ll also be able to know when enough is enough rather than working yourself to the point where you can’t look at another cleaning product again!

Always work top to bottom

When starting to declutter or dust, the smartest thing to do is start from the top and work your way down. This way debris, dust or mess will simply fall down and stop you from having to go back and re-clean your floors time and time again.

This means starting with things like dusting and wiping ceiling fans, tops of cabinets, shelving, cornices and lighting fixtures before moving your way down to windows, benches, tabletops and seatings, then finally dealing with the floors and skirting boards.

Tackle it room by room

Jumping around the house doing piece by piece can get overwhelming and easily make you lose track of what you’ve already done. Keeping your work closed off to one room per day makes for a much easier task.

When it comes to the kitchen, try this frugal oven cleaning hack, or in the bathroom you can clean your shower glass with this tip and when you move to the living room keep your blinds clean with this easy cleaning solution.

Take all the necessary safety precautions

Plenty of people suffer from spring time allergies and dusting your house is one of the best ways to flare up the frustrating symptoms. So even if you’re not too susceptible to unsettled dust, a mask and other protective gear like gloves, scarves and even hairnets will help keep you feeling fresh while you clean.

Additionally, using chemicals and toxins all day isn’t good for anyone so a great way to avoid this is to find a few natural cleaning products or even whip up one of your own. A good tip is if you can get your hands on bicarbonate of soda, distilled white vinegar, borax, hydrogen peroxide, essential oils such as tea tree or lemon, and Castile soap – then you’re good to clean.

Don’t forget the important parts

When you start cleaning it’s fairly normal to head toward the glaring problem areas in the house like the bathroom and the kitchen. But just because these rooms might need some extra love, doesn’t mean you should forgo the smaller areas that you probably don’t get to that often!

Windows and walls are often forgotten about in a spring clean and they’re some of the easiest to do. Using a damp towel to wipe the walls down and using window cleaner on both the inside and outside glass of windows is quick and easy but makes a huge difference.

Also, don’t forget about the small but significant areas like cleaning air conditioner ducts and other vents to make sure the air that’s circulated in the home is clean and safe for everyone to breathe.

As winter fades and spring arrives, it’s the perfect time to refresh your living space with a little spring cleaning. Whether it’s decluttering, organising, or just tidying up, these simple tips can make the process a lot smoother.

Start with a checklist to stay on track, work from top to bottom to minimise redoing tasks, take it one room at a time to avoid overwhelming yourself, and prioritise safety with protective gear and natural cleaning products. Don’t forget the often overlooked areas, like windows and walls. Happy cleaning, and enjoy the fresh, revitalised feel of your home!

This article was originally published on October 1, 2020, and has been updated on September 4, 2023.


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