The one-ingredient oven cleaning hack taking the internet by storm

Apr 03, 2024
The online community was quick to share their excitement regarding the inventive hack, with many eager to try it out for themselves. Source: Getty Images.

In the area of household chores, cleaning the oven has long been considered one of the most arduous tasks.

However, a simple yet remarkably effective oven cleaning hack has taken the internet by storm, leaving homeowners in awe of its astonishing results.

With just one simple ingredient and minimal effort, this revolutionary method is transforming dirty ovens into sparkling, like-new appliances.

In a video shared to TikTok, content creator Yagmur ingeniously employs a sliced lemon and a bowl of water to tackle the stubborn grime within an oven.

The process begins with Yagmur placing a sliced lemon into a generous bowl of water. With the oven switched on, she carefully positions the bowl inside the grimy appliance, allowing the lemon-infused water to work its magic.

After a mere 20 minutes, Yagmur removes the bowl from the oven and proceeds to transform the lemon water into a powerful cleaning agent. Utilising a microfiber cloth soaked in the lemon water, she delicately wipes down the oven’s surfaces.

Remarkably, the results are instantaneous. The grime on both the oven door and interior effortlessly lifts away, with the microfiber cloth effectively collecting the remnants of old grease.

“This just saved my life,” Yagmur wrote alongside the video.

“Natural oven cleaning hack. I will also clean my airfryer & microwave with this way.”

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The online community was quick to share their excitement regarding the inventive hack, with many eager to try it out for themselves.

“It works, when you turn of the oven let the lemon water stay there. For 20 min. This way the steam will soften the dirt,” one viewer wrote.

“Thank you! Trying it this weekend.”

“Whaaat? no way,” another amazed person wrote.

It would seem the power of lemons are not merely confined to just the oven after an Australian homeowner recently revealed her own ingenious method for maintaining a flawlessly clean dishwasher with the food item. 

Taking to the Simple Savers Facebook page, she divulged her almost effortless technique for incorporating a handful of leftover lemons into each dishwasher cycle that leaves the dishwasher sparkling clean and free of nasty buildup.

She explained that although her husband usually buys Logix Dishwasher Cleaner to get the dishwasher clean, she found the natural alternative worked just as well.

“My husband insists on buying this to clean the dishwasher,” she wrote.

“I blew his mind by throwing my used lime/ lemon wedges (used in drinks, salad dressings, home made hummus etc) into the dishwasher WHILE it was cleaning dishes to clean the dishwasher.

“No extra cost, no need to do it separately to cleaning the dishes (wasting heaps of water) and a sparkling dishwasher!”

Please note: It is essential to exercise caution when attempting any cleaning method involving electrical appliances. Always ensure the oven is switched off and follow proper safety protocols to minimise any risks.

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