Sex gets better with age – get saucy in your 60s.

Sex symbol Pierce Brosnan is a favourite among the over-50s. Source: Getty

Sixty and still sexy? It depends on what you read. A number of studies during the past few years have pontificated on the sexual habits of the over 50s, with incredibly mixed results.

According to a survey by Gransnet – a social networking site for the over 50s – which was published by the Daily Mail, one in four couples over 50 no longer make love but insist it’s no barrier to happiness.

While just two per cent revealed they were intimate every day, and one third made love once a week, overall they said relationship traits such as trust, kindness, friendship and sense of humour were more important than sex.

But according to a report in Mind Body Green (MBG), one in five adults over 50 believe their sex life is more exciting now than it ever was.

MBG cited Lumen – a dating app for singles over 50 in the United States – delving into their bedroom habits by asking everything from how often they have sex, to their favourite sexual position.

The survey, of 2000 sexually active people aged between 50 and 80, found they had sex twice a month on average. But despite these figures, 22 per cent reported that they have become more adventurous in the bedroom as they’ve aged, and 8 per cent admitted they had become “much more” saucy.

Want to know how long these sexy sessions lasted? An average of 24 minutes with almost one in four stating they had a better sex life in older age due to more free time.

Interestingly, among singles in this age group, 14 per cent were open to having sex on the first date and almost one in three within the first three dates — although people preferred to wait at least six dates before going to bed with a new partner.

Yet another survey, published by AARP Healthy Living, found that 91 per cent of men and 86 per cent of women are sexually active, with one in three 50-somethings having sex at least once a week.

The AARP poll on healthy ageing in the United States found almost two-thirds of people aged 65 to 80 were still interested in sex, whether or not they were sexually active.

While women were less likely than men to be sexually active – 31 per cent compared with 51 per cent of men – they were more likely to be happy with their sex lives.

Another survey published by the Australian Seniors Insurance Agency has revealed the over-50s were valuing sex and dating just as much as they did when they were younger.

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Do you enjoy a healthy sex life?

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