Daily Joke: Three men on a plane

Oct 27, 2021
Three men are on a plane when it descends, about to crash. Source: Getty Images

Three men are on a plane and the plane is about to crash. They each try to throw something out of the plane to reduce weight. The first man throws a wrench. The second man throws a screwdriver. The third man throws a bomb.

The plane crash lands and the men are walking down a street. They come across a little girl crying and one of the men asks, “Why are you crying little girl?”

The girl replies, “I was jumping rope and then I got hit in the head by a wrench.”

The men walk a little further down the street and come across a woman crying. One of them asks the woman, “What happened, ma’am?”

The woman replies, “I was working in my garden and then got hit in the head by a screwdriver.”

The men go a little further and come across a little boy laughing uncontrollably. They ask, “What’s so funny little boy?”

The little boy replies, “I farted and the house behind me blew up!”

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