Daily Joke: I’d like to buy some ice-cream

Jun 09, 2021
A lady waited patiently in line to buy some ice-cream. Source: Getty Images

A woman was at an ice-cream parlour waiting to buy some ice-cream.

There was one man in front of her. He ordered a chocolate cone.

The assistant told the man that he was sorry, but they had run out of chocolate.

He said, “Okay then, I’ll have some chocolate.”

The assistant said, “Mate, I’m sorry, I’m out of chocolate.”

Once again, the guy said, “Okay, I’ll have some chocolate.”

Exasperated, the assistant said, “Mate, spell v-a-n, as in vanilla.”

The man spelled ‘van’.

“Good. Now spell s-t-r-a-w, as in strawberry.”

The man spelled ‘straw’.

“Great!” said the assistant. “Now spell e-f-f, as in chocolate.”

The man replied, “There’s no eff in chocolate.”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!”

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