Daily Joke: A woman on her death bed

Sep 23, 2021
The woman was on her death bed and her husband was by her side. Source: Getty Images

A woman on her death bed was speaking to her husband.

“Bill,” she said, “we’ve been through so much together. Do you remember when our shop burned down and we lost everything of value we had in the world? We had to start over from nothing, but you were by my side.”

Her husband replied, “Yes, I remember.”

“Bill,” she continued, “when our daughter was killed in that terrible car accident, I was heartbroken — still am — and I didn’t think I could go on living without her. But you were there, by my sidde.”

Her husband began to cry softly. “I know, Dear.”

“And now,” the woman went on, “I am about to leave this world. In my final moments, where are you?”

Her husband sobbed, “I’m right here, by your side, my love.”

“Bill,” the woman said, “I’m beginning to think you might be bad luck.”

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