Daily Joke: A man was sitting in his new sports car

Aug 20, 2021
A man was taking his new sports car for a drive. Source: Getty Images

A man is sitting in a new sports car when a little girl pulls up beside him on her new bicycle, which she had just received for her birthday. She knocks on his window, so he rolls it down to see what she wants.

“Wanna race, Mister?” she asks, ringing her bell and twirling the elastic streamers on her handlebars.

“Sure,” the man laughs. The light turns green and he floors the pedal. The car takes off like a shot and he leaves the little girl in the dust.

A few seconds later though, he sees something gaining on him in his mirror, coming up fast. He barely catches a glimpse of the little girl on her bike as she shoots past him.

“She must be going 80 kilometres per hour!” he shouts, and shifts into a higher gear, pushing the car even faster.

He quickly blasts past her as if she were standing still. But again, just a few seconds later, she shoots past him, now doing over 100km/h on her little bike. Going so fast, sparks and smoke are streaming from her training wheels.

After another few seconds, he comes to a curve where he sees the little girl crashed in a heap on the side of the road. He pulls over and jumps out to see if she’s okay. Miraculously, she’s survived. So he asks, “Why did you go so fast?”

Just before she falls unconscious, the little girl replies, “My streamers got caught on your mirror!”

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