Beat the Christmas bulge: Avoid weight gain this festive season

Dec 23, 2019
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The festive season is finally here – which means snacking on lots of yummy food and enjoying a few too many drinks. But, if you’re trying hard not to blow between now and January, here are five tips to help you avoid weight gain during the holiday season.

Boost your gut bacteria

The silly season can be harsh on the gut. Excessive drinking and eating puts tremendous strain on the digestive system, which can result in unpleasant side effects such as indigestion, bloating or constipation. To counteract, take a digestive enzyme with your meal – probiotics can help the gut break down the food faster and reduce bloating and discomfort.

Get enough sleep

We all know that sleep plays a significant role in our overall health – without it we can’t function properly. However, most of us tend to go to bed later than usual over the festive period.

Try to ensure you’re getting a minimum of seven hours sleep per night so you don’t end up spending your days exhausted reaching for sugary snacks and putting on unwanted weight. If you find it hard to wind down after a long day, try supplementing with herbs like holy basil or magnesium L-theanine which calm the nervous system and help you get a restful night’s sleep.

Plan your meals

If you want to stay on track over the festive season, plan your meals in advance. A busy schedule is one of the main reasons why people reach for quick takeaway dinners or heavily processed meals from the supermarket. These options are a major contributor to expanding waistlines. I’d recommend whipping up a delicious home-cooked dinner instead. Plus, leftovers work great for lunch the next day!

Stick to your fitness routine

With excessive calorie consumption ahead, your regular exercise routine is non-negotiable. Even just a simple 30-minute gym session or a yoga class can add some variety to your day. Alternatively, going for a walk around the block works great too – a little exercise is better than nothing.

Think before you drink

Going alcohol-free is probably not an option for most people this time of year. So, what can you do to avoid constant hangovers and upset stomachs in the coming weeks?

If you’re watching your weight, pick a drink and stick to it. That way you know what you’re drinking and how many calories you’re consuming. Additionally, always make a point of having a large glass of water to match every alcoholic drink. Your liver and your waistline will thank you!

It’s a good idea to restrict your intake to certain days only to give your liver a chance to rest and repair, which will make you more resilient to the excesses over the festive period.

How do you keep in shape over the Christmas period?

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