The tasty way to get a dose of probiotics and boost your gut health

Nov 13, 2020
Support your gut health with the tasty Remedy Kombucha Wild Berry drink. Source: Getty

Imagine getting your dose of probiotics without having to swallow another tablet. Well thanks to delicious and guilt-free Remedy Kombucha drinks, you can.

In a nutshell, kombucha (pronounced kom-boo-cha) is fermented tea. It’s been made for years to help support gut health, traditionally through the natural fermentation of sweet tea, healthy bacteria and yeasts.

And the result is a tasty, sweet drink that contains healthy, living cultures (good bacteria) and organic acids. While kombucha has been around for thousands of years, it’s only within the last five years or so that it’s made an appearance on supermarket shelves across the country.

Remedy Kombucha is one of the most well-known and popular companies that creates the drink in various delicious flavours. Just like the kombucha made by our ancestors, the drinks can support your gut health by increasing the diversity of your gut flora (the good bacteria that live in your gut), preventing the growth of bad bacteria and supplying billions of microorganisms that are full of vitamins, minerals and fibre.

The new Remedy Kombucha Wild Berry is sure to tickle your tastebuds, while also supporting your gut health!

Remedy Kombucha’s drinks also contain no sugar, meaning they are a great alternative to those fizzy drinks you may crave. The company has a range of flavoured kombucha available, but the newest wild berry drink is sure to tickle those tastebuds.

Bursting with strawberry, blackberry and blueberry, this sun-ripened blend is sweet, jammy and beautifully aromatic – the perfect drink for summer! And according to Remedy Drinks Co-Founder Emmet Condon it’s the ideal kombucha to try if you’re new to the drink.

Remedy Kombucha Wild Berry is the gateway drink for non-kombucha drinkers,” he said. “It’s one everyone can enjoy guilt-free with its delicious jammy berry taste after a year of many sacrifices.

Remedy Kombucha Wild Berry is by far the easiest drinking flavour yet for those who have the desire to make the switch with its lip-smacking boldness. We bottled up the all-natural sweet and sour notes of summer berries so berry drink lovers could easily reach for the right stuff.”

If this sounds like your kind of drink, click here to find out more information and make a purchase. The product is also available at your local Woolworths or independent grocer.

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