Michael Caine forced to celebrate 85th birthday in wheelchair

The star looked in high spirits despite his fall.

Sir Michael Caine arrived to his 85th birthday bash in a wheelchair after he broke his ankle falling over in his garden. Caine was accompanied by the former Beatle singer, Sir Paul McCartney, who was spotted wheeling the actor around. 

The Zulu star looked in high spirits despite his fall as he celebrated his birthday and the release of his new film My Generation at the British Film Institute in London on Wednesday. 

Michael slipped and broke his ankle in his garden during the recent heavy snow,” a spokesperson told Mirror Online on Thursday. The UK was recently hit with unusually heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures as a blast of Siberian weather dubbed ‘The Beast from the East’ swept across the country.

“He is in fine health and great spirits,” the spokesperson added. 

McCartney picture wheeling Caine around. Source: Organic

Dressed in a smart suit and blue shirt for the occasion, the acting legend was also joined by his wife Shakira, and daughter, Natasha. He was serenaded by guests and pictured blowing out candles on a cake decorated with reels from films he’s starred in over the years including, The Italian Job

Iconic British model Twiggy was also pictured at the special screening on Wednesday, dressed in a vibrant pink ensemble.  


The actor took to social media to commemorate the milestone birthday, with the caption: “85 lively years today on this planet. I was asked recently “Out of all my years what is my biggest regret?” My biggest regret is all the time I spent regretting.”

Fans were quick to respond with one user saying: “I love your movies, you’re honestly my favourite actor your work in the Batman films are profound …” While another added: “Great Shot, Happy Birthday Mr M. Great documentary last night thoroughly enjoyed it.”


It was an extra special birthday for the actor, who was also celebrating the release of his new documentary My Generation

The documentary is a six-year-long passion project of Caine’s, documenting the birth of London’s pop culture scene. His documentary looks at the ins and outs of the era and features interviews with a few of his famous pals, including Sir Paul McCartney, Roger Daltrey, Twiggy and mini-skirt designer Mary Quant.


The movie looks like must-see viewing for Baby Boomers, with Caine narrating and showing off never-before-seen footage of some of the most iconic 60s players. 

“The old rule book was thrown away,” he says in the documentary. 

In an old clip from the 60s that’s shown in the film, McCartney is heard saying: “They’ve got all these rules of how to live and it’s just not true anymore.” Flash forward and an older McCartney being interviewed by Caine says: “Everything was dull and grey and we wanted colour.”

Are you a fan of Michael Caine? Will you see his new film? 

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