Adorable grandma goes viral with epic technology fail

The grandma wasn't sure what to make of Google's new device. Source:

Back in the day, the internet, mobile phones and computers weren’t a thing of the norm.

While the youth of today tend to use these devices with ease, it can take a bit of getting used to for people who are over 60.

For one 86-year-old grandma, using Google’s new product Google Home proved to be too much of a challenge, as a hilarious YouTube video has revealed.

In fact, YouTube user Ben Actis uploaded a clip that shows his grandmother in utter confusion as she attempted to navigate the tiny device.

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Mr Actis simply captioned the video: “My 85 year old Italian grandmother learns to use Google home.”

Google Home is basically a speaker of sorts that answers your questions.

Just as many people would head to Google to search for a recipe, check movie times or get an update on the weather, the device acts in a similar way.

It also has the ability to play music and work other devices if you ask it to do so.

Users typically say, “OK Google” and then ask it a question before it promptly responds.

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While it seems easy enough, the grandma of Italian heritage struggled.

“Goo Goo,” the grandma can be seeing yelling at the device before her family break out in laughter.

She appeared flabbergasted when the device spoke back with a woman’s voice.

“I’m great to meet you,” the grandmother told the device.

As the video continues, the grandmother struggles even more to get it to answer her questions, with her family offering some handy advice along the way.

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“You have to say ‘Hey Google’ or ‘OK Google’,” one woman can be heard saying in the clip.

At one point, the 85-year-old gets up in disbelief as the device tells her what the weather will be like.

She can also be seen tapping the device with her hands and shouting directly at it in hopes that it will answer her questions.

Since being uploaded last week, the video has already been viewed more than 1.4 million times.

It’s made the news around the world, with Australian breakfast TV show Sunrise even playing the clip on a recent episode.

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The video has attracted a lot of attention, with many people leaving comments for the grandmother.

One person wrote: “This is exactly what my Chinese parents go through with their google home!”

Another comment read: “I love your grandmother, what a sweetheart! I activate my Google Home now with a simple ‘ay goo goo’ :)”

A third added: “She is priceless, sadly didn’t get time to spend with my grandma.”

What do you think of the clip? Have you ever experienced a technology fail like this?