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Feb 05, 2022
As a special introductory price we currently have 15% off the nutritional blends from Mayella. Source: Getty

With fewer people at home to cook for as we get older, whipping up a culinary masterpiece in the kitchen every night often doesn’t seem very necessary.   

Coupled with the fact that you probably eat less because you don’t feel as hungry anymore, there’s little need to bang those kitchen pans around.

That enthusiasm you once had for cooking might be turning away from the kitchen and leaning towards sitting down and watching the latest MasterChef show. Now, don’t they come up with some marvellous things!

However, that can make it more challenging to get all the proper nutrition we need all day, every day. Can you get the highly nutritious diet older bodies need for premium functionality without chopping, juicing and cooking for hours? Yes, thanks to Amanda and Robyn, founders of Mayella. They have recognised this health problem and found a solution.

This clever mother and daughter team has developed a range of superfood blends that improve your holistic health and are the perfect easy addition to your daily routine.

Jam-packed with nutrients and highly concentrated superfoods, Mayella’s Super Blends contain an amazing twenty times the amount of fresh produce if you bought it in the original form. For example, the dehydrated, powdered ingredients in a 200g jar of Acai Berry Beautiful is eight times concentrated, the same as a whopping 1.6 kilograms of fresh produce.

Adding Acai Berry Beautiful and Sunshine & Hemp Protein powders to your diet to achieve a nutrition boost is as simple as putting a spoonful in your daily yoghurt, adding some to the next smoothie, or giving your morning muesli or porridge a beautiful, rosy glow. You can also add it to your baking to boost your nutrition.

Filled with the goodness of real fruits and vegetables, it’s so much more natural than popping yet another pill.

I have trialled two of these two superfoods and found them easy to incorporate into my daily routine.

Acai Berry Beautiful Organic Superfood

Acai Berry Beautiful Organic Superfood.
Acai Berry Beautiful Organic Superfood.

I just love the burst of deep berry colour when you open the Acai Berry Beautiful Organic Superfood container. For me, it’s what I need to get an extra nutritional boost against the nasty viruses that are circulating. Just two or three teaspoons of powder a day will do the trick.

This all-rounder is so delicious you might just eat it off the spoon! However, there are many ways to add Acai Berry Beautiful Organic Superfood into your daily diet. It’s great in water or any type of milk or sprinkled over your breakfast fruit or muesli or berry milkshake, anyone?

You might have to hide this one from the family because it tastes so good, they might use it on everything. I dare you to try Acai Berry Beautiful as a dip on a piece of papaya, an orange or even an apple.

It reminds me of my go-to café breakfast, a frozen acai (pronounced ah-sah-EE) bowl topped with fresh fruit and a blob of yoghurt. If I’m feeling very decadent, I add a blob of peanut paste. Just try it!

What’s in it?

There is acai berry, of course. Australia’s own vitamin C rich Kakadu Plum, along with antioxidant fruits such as mango, blueberry, raspberry, cranberry, blackberry and strawberry are more of the ingredients. Beetroot helps reduce those high blood cholesterol levels, and Manuka honey supports and heals. It is just bouncing with goodness to feed your immune, cardiovascular, digestive and nervous systems.

A daily dose of Acai Berry Beautiful’s antioxidants is the secret to supporting healthy, radiant skin, and every teaspoon enhances collagen and elastin production cofactors for supple, youthful skin. 

Mayella Sunshine & Hemp Protein Blend

Mayella Sunshine & Hemp Protein Blend.
Mayella Sunshine & Hemp Protein Blend.

Protein helps maintain important muscle strength and mass and keeps your bones healthy. Scientists say we need more protein as we age, especially when faced with stresses such as illness, an upcoming hospital trip or when losing weight.

So, you can either stuff yourself with lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, nuts, seeds, legumes and beans or add about 30 grams of Mayella’s Sunshine and Hemp Protein Blend powder to your daily diet. Containing approximately 55 per cent protein, it is rich in nutrients and easily digested. The protein will help energise your body and build healthy muscles. Just add it to a glass of filtered water, juice or natural coconut water, or pop it into a smoothie.

What’s in it?

The plant protein in the Sunshine & Hemp Protein Blend comes from organic, dehulled hemp because it is easier to digest. There is organic kelp, a natural antibiotic high in iodine that supports the growth of red blood cells and Kakadu Plum, which is the world’s highest food source of vitamin C. Next comes immune-supporting Maitake mushroom, papaya for digestion, cardiovascular and immune support. Rosehip offers more easily absorbed vitamin C to help boost the immune system and improve blood circulation. Plus, there is a combination of prebiotic factors to support digestion.

The ingredients in this light-textured blend have been carefully combined to work harmoniously within the body, keeping the digestion healthy within the lower gut and supporting regular elimination.

More energy and less downtime

Do you need more energy in your life and less downtime due to illness or just feeling worn out? I certainly do! So I’ll continue taking these superfoods and hope for some fabulous results.

Mayella also have more products in their beautiful range of Nutritional Blends & Capsules made from real ingredients from alkalising greens and more to provide you with optimum health & wellbeing.

As a special introductory price, we currently have 15% off the nutritional blends from Mayella.

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