8 great benefits of honey and why raw beats regular every time

Raw honey is the bee's knees. Source: Getty

Honey. It’s the latest buzzword on everyone’s lips (and plates) but how well do you know this sweet stuff?

When it comes to honey, not all jars are created equal, according to Honey Wholesale CEO Natalie Bussau.

Natalie says she never intended for her venture to be a “Covid-19” business, but the fact it began during a global pandemic was good timing in terms of the public exodus to online shopping.

“I had a fascination for honey and all of its health benefits and no one was filling that gap. Most people aren’t aware that 70 per cent of honey is produced by one company under different labels in Australia,” she says.

“We’re all about giving customers a really great experience with honey products and about giving consumers choice.

“It is this amazing superfood that most people don’t think about.”

Raw versus Regular honey

Natalie says the honey on supermarket shelves has been ultra-filtered and put through a process which removes the pollens. Supermarket honey is heated up to be pasturised and make it runny but the healthy enzymes and proteins are diminished.

“There is some goodness in supermarket honey but it is significantly limited compared with raw honey,” she says.

“The introduction of backyard hives has made bee-keeping a lot more accessible for people which is awesome, but the products I have highlighted are from state forests and pristine locations and you’ll be able to taste that.”

8 benefits of raw honey

  • Loaded with anti-oxidants
  • Aids in digestion
  • Remedy for cough and cold
  • Assists with weight loss
  • High in minerals
  • Useful for treating wounds
  • A natural hair and skincare product
  • Great for people who exercise

Do you have a backyard beehive?

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