Experts suggest turmeric more powerful when mixed with oils

Mixing Turmeric with oil and pepper could be better at improving your health.

We’re often being told turmeric is a super food and that it can do wonders for our health, but recent research has suggested that consuming it alone may not be as beneficial to our bodies as we think. Instead, mixing it with two other ingredients could make all the difference.

The spice is credited for preventing and fighting diseases, improving memory and attention span and even for helping when it comes to preventing aches and pains. While there’s strong evidence for its effectiveness, many reports suggest it’s more beneficial when mixed with black pepper and oil.

According to Turmeric Life, turmeric is oil soluble, meaning it needs oil for your stomach to be able to digest it properly and for your body to absorb the benefits. While there are oodles of oils on the market, they suggest that some work better than others.

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For the best results, opt for virgin olive oil, extra-virgin olive oil, cold pressed oil, raw oil, unrefined coconut oil and linseed-flaxseed oils. These oils work best because they contain the right amounts of fat for the turmeric to work its magic.

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If you use a processed vegetable oil, you risk causing inflammation which in turn, will cause you more harm than good. Likewise, with oils that are not cold pressed. The added chemicals used to produce oils that aren’t cold pressed don’t do your body any favours. Similar to how these oils assist with digestion and help the turmeric assist your body, black pepper is another effective way to get the best results from consuming the spice.

Turmeric Life suggests using black peppercorns because they contain an enzyme known as piperine, which can slow liver metabolism, but allow your body to truly absorb the turmeric in your system.

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They say that ground black pepper works the best. It is ideal to use them when they’re freshly ground, but pepper from a pepper shaker will have the same effect. It is also recommended that heat is the best way for turmeric to work well with your body, so always try and consume it hot where possible.

Many people opt to drink it as a tea or a hot beverage, although adding it to your regular diet is also recommended.

Do you eat turmeric? How to you include it in your diet?