Easy ways to get more 'superfood' turmeric into your diet

There are many easy ways of getting more turmeric in your diet.

We’re constantly being told to get more turmeric into our diets, but what is so great about the spice?

In addition to preventing and fighting diseases, recent research has suggested that it can actually improve memory and attention span in older people.

Others have also found that the superfood has done wonders for aches and pains and that it even works as a great anti-inflammatory.

While you may think it can be hard to introduce the spice to your diet, we here at Starts at 60 have found some simple ways of getting your turmeric fix. The good news is it doesn’t have to be a chore. Whether you opt to buy fresh, dried, or even in the form of ground spice, there’s oodles of choices when it comes to cooking with turmeric. 

Blend it in a smoothie

You may be sceptical about this at first, but hear us out. Turmeric can have a powerful taste, so you’re not going to need a lot to add to a smoothie. Either add some freshly-chopped turmeric root or a tiny bit of spice to your desired smoothie. This is a great trick if you want to consume more turmeric, but don’t necessarily enjoy the taste. Other fruits and yoghurts in your smoothie will mask the taste while you’ll still be getting all the health benefits of the spice. 

Add it to protein balls

If you’ve jumped on the bandwagon of making protein balls as a healthy snack, you’ll be pleased to know that turmeric is an easy way of giving your balls an extra kick. Simply add two teaspoons to your recipe.

Check out our easy recipe for turmeric protein balls here.

Make a tea or coffee

Believe it or not, cafes all around the globe have started offering turmeric-infused drinks to their customers. If you want to experiment at home, it’s actually really easy. For a special milk tea, simply brew milk, honey and turmeric for the perfect cuppa.

Our immunity-boosting tea-recipe will do wonders to sooth a sore throat.

Use it in soups

There’s nothing better than curling up on the couch with a warm cup of soup when you’re feeling under the weather. It comes as no surprise that using turmeric in your soups does wonders for your immune system. Simply chop an 8cm piece of turmeric and add it to your soup recipe for a perfect flu-buster.

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Make turmeric hummus

If you’re having some friends around for a visit and want to dish up a delicious and healthy snack, adding some turmeric to hummus is a simple trick. Half a teaspoon usually does the trick, but feel free to experiment until you’ve got a flavour that suits you.

Be sure to take a look at our incredible creamy turmeric and sweet potato hummus recipe.

As well as its wonders when drunk or eaten, turmeric is also widely used as a beauty product. Did you know that despite its yellow colour, it can actually help whiten teeth? Many believe that if you make a paste with coconut oil and baking soda, it can help if your teeth have become discoloured.

Do you eat turmeric? What is your favourite way to eat it?