Keeping it in the family: Bob Hawke’s granddaughter eyes off political career

Bob Hawke's granddaughter Sophie Taylor-Price has admitted she hasn't ruled out a career in politics. Source: Getty

Bob Hawke made a big impact on the country during his time as prime minster and now it looks like Australia may see another member of the family follow in his lead with granddaughter Sophie Taylor-Price admitting she may step into politics in the future.

Speaking to The Australian about how Hawke has influenced her life Sophie, who is currently the senior manager at EY’s Climate Change and Sustainability Services, said she has had a few questions about becoming a politician since her grandfather’s emotional memorial service.

The talented granddaughter described politics as a “very admirable way of doing public service”, but explained it’s something she won’t follow through with just yet.

“It’s something I’ve always been interested in but for me, now is not the right time in my life,” she told The Australian.

“And if I was to go into it, I’d go into it not as a career politician but as somebody who brings a sort of broad external experience and perspective and it’s something that I’ll consider in the next phase of my life.”

Sophie continued by explaining she wouldn’t rule out following in her grandfather’s footsteps, but explained she’s not launching any campaigns soon.

Delving into her thoughts on what she’d be like as a politician the granddaughter said she’s not sure if she has the “toughness” for the position as she cares about people too much.

“I’m an active member of the (Australian Labor) party and there are some things about being a politician that I think I would be good at and there are some things that I think would be challenging for me,” she explained to the publication.

“I am naturally introverted. I care too much about what people think. I think there’s a toughness that’s needed and it’s just a question of whether you take that on and it’s a serious question that I’m asking myself.”

Sophie’s comments come after it was revealed Hawke’s daughter is reportedly set to launch legal action against her stepmother Blanche D’Alpuget after a row is said to have broken out over the contents of the former PM’s will.

The 58-year-old – whose mother was Hawke’s first wife Hazel Hawke – received a sum of around $750,000 from her father’s estate, reports the news outlet, under an agreement which was penned separately to her father’s will.

The same amount was reportedly also paid to Rosslyn’s siblings Susan Pieters-Hawke and Stephen Hawke, along with D’Alpuget’s son Louis Pratt, following Hawke’s death in May. It has been claimed that no further provision was made for Hawke’s three children, with everything going to Blanche.

According to reports, the case looks set to proceed to the New South Wales Supreme Court, unless both parties can come to a private agreement.

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Rosslyn has employed Sydney family law specialists Tiyce & Lawyers to represent her, however they declined to comment on the matter.

Do you think Sophie Taylor-Price would make a good politician? How did you feel about Bob Hawke when he was prime minister?

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