Travel essentials

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With the sage advice of experienced travelers like John and Liz Kilby, your spring road trip can become the adventure of a lifetime. Source: Getty Images.
Be fully equipped for your next off-road adventure with these 4WD accessories. Source: Getty
A round-the-world cruise is the perfect option to check off your bucket list destinations! Source: Princess Cruises
Some Grey Nomads may opt to work while on the road for the added income to fund their travels. Source: Getty
With the cruise ban set to lift on April 17, 2022, the country’s cruise companies are gearing up to set sail once again. Source: Getty Images.
The Ghan, the Savannahlander and the Indian Pacific: three amazing ways to see more of your own backyard.
A neatly-packed suitcase makes travelling a breeze. Source: Getty
You'll need to have your finances in check before venturing off on the road. Source: Getty