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Caravanning with pets? Reduce the mess in one simple step

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Trekking through the breathtaking wilds of the outback or along the glittering sands of Australia’s coastal paradises, especially with furry friends, can often leave footprints in places you don’t actually want them in — like your caravan!

So we’re bringing you Australia’s favourite grass mat for active families and adventure lovers: the muk mat!

Mats to keep dirt and sand where they belong

Source: Provided

The muk mat provides caravanners with the best outdoor muk collector around. This versatile mat is made from the highest quality 40mm, UV-protected, synthetic grass blades made from recyclable materials.

Muk mats feature a backing that consists of 2 separate layers. This ensures the fibres will not detach from the backing and are able to recover from foot traffic, keeping it looking fresh and vibrant!

Muk mats also have a waterproof web binding to prevent fraying and a Velcro strap to secure them for travel and storage. This keeps them tidy and compact — perfect for travellers on the go and caravanners.

Not only is it a stylish addition to your van, but its deep plush pile makes it a highly effective way to remove unwanted muk from your feet. Plus, the muk mat comes in 11 sizes, 3 turf colours and 3 trim colours — plus a great caravan step mat collection to seamlessly integrate into your caravan’s aesthetic.

And if you’re looking for something truly special, you can also get your own custom-made muk mat!

The origins of the muk mat

Muk mats are wholly Australian-owned and manufactured on the sunny Gold Coast. Developed by Gold Coast local Suze Horton, a keen surfer and adventure lover, she was equally tired of seeing the sand and mess tracked into her car and home from her two young boys.

“Originally, muk mat came about as a solution to keep the sand, dirt and grass out of our car after a surf. Then we found it helpful to clean our feet/shoes after running, footy, golfing, riding, and camping.”

The muk mat is also super portable and lightweight, so you can roll it up and pop it away for your next adventure. Perfect in your car, at home or covering the entryway to your caravan, the muk mat comes in various colours and sizes, making it ideal for anywhere you need to keep the muck at bay.

We’d pop our “patch of grass” on the ground, clean our feet, and complete strangers would come up to us and ask what it was, where we got it and where they could get one.

You can rest easy knowing your muk mat is doing the heavy lifting for you, stopping the muck in its tracks so you can spend less time cleaning and more time in the great outdoors!

Save on your next order and keep your next road trip clean

Starts at 60 members can save 20% on your order when you enter the code MUKFREE at checkout. As travellers are preparing to head north and escape the colder temperatures, the muk mat has become a caravan and camping essential so get yours now!