By maintaining or increasing muscle mass, we can preserve strength, mobility, and functional independence. Source: Getty
Quick and easy strengthening exercises you can do at home. Source: Getty
Here's some easy at home workouts over 60s can try to age actively. Source: Getty
Source: Getty
Source: Getty
This expert breaks down the importance of resistance training for over 60s, highlighting the many health benefits that come with it. Source: Getty
So the next time you go to put your shoes on, have a think about the position they are placing your feet in and the job they are stopping your very capable feet from doing themselves. Source: Getty
Sore knees is a common problem among older adults. Source: Getty.
The key driver of weight loss or weight gain is energy balance. Source: Getty

About Van Marinos

Van Marinos is an accredited exercise scientist with Exercise and Sports Science Australia and founder of Community Moves in Sydney. For the last 15 years he has worked in the sport, health and fitness sector with organisations such as Football Federation Australia, The Australian Sports Commission, and Fitness First. He has combined his experience, passion and values to create Community Moves which helps over-50s improve their health and quality of life through regular structured group exercise. His ultimate goal is to help enough people improve their health that it makes a significant impact on the health system.