Turn it up! It's been a wild ride for radio since the 1960s. Source: Getty
Brian wonders if PC language has gone too far.
This community writer got thinking about how women are a lot like dogs... Source: Getty.
Brian and his wife didn't want to spend their retirement watching television and hanging out at the local club. Source: Getty
Months of enforced, 24/7 proximity during coronavirus have some couples emerging from lockdown and heading to the nearest divorce lawyer. Source: Getty Images
Brian's mum had some unusual words to describe things, including going to the toilet. Source: Getty Images
" Imagine if you could go and visit (say) a tree in a forest where your loved one was actually buried and watch it grow and know they were part of that regrowth," writes Brian. Source: Getty Images
Brian highlights an incident that occurred during Anzac Day commemoration ceremonies across Australia during 2020 as a sign respect is lacking in society. Source: Tracey Nearmy/Getty Images
Brian's wife has come up with a clever idea to let dentists and doctors know exactly what pain is being felt. Source: Getty Images

About Brian Pickering

Originally from Stockton Newcastle, Brian is a former radio/TV producer/presenter/TV post-production guy who likes to write and create podcasts with the help of his award-winning radio/TV journalist wife for both Starts at 60 as well as their ‘passion project’ www.foodwinepetstravel.com. He’s lived and worked in Papua New Guinea, the United Kingdom, the United States and Spain over the years, but is now full-time travelling on the road in Australia with his wife Kaye Browne and their ‘ageing’ toy poodle, Chica.
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