Lots of retirees have a bucket list. For some, it is simply enjoying kicking back and relaxing, in between doing their wish list. We should all take time to cruise along, with our senior experiences. Source: Getty Images.
While I sit here, nursing my suspiciously bad back, I can still enjoy a day in the life of a golden age. Source: Getty Images.
Laughter, childbirth stories, and shared moments bridge generations and cultures, uniting women in the joy of coffee and camaraderie. Source: Getty Images.
Yes, these are our golden years. We can all focus on our strengths in our life planning. Source: Getty
It is good to be unplugged from technology. Source: Getty
How a Boomers' perspective of the world has matured with time. Source: Getty
Source: Getty
If you can, spoil yourself. There is a full cup of positivi-tea with your name on it. Source: Getty
Retirement years! Let’s all make this time the best of our lives! Source: Getty

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