About Jon Glass

After spending almost 40 years in the investment management industry, Jon was ready for a new chapter – but he wasn’t ready to retire. Rather than pursuing a life of leisure, Jon established a retirement coaching consultancy, 64PLUS, to share his experience and insights in order to help others make a successful retirement transition.

How does retirement coaching differ from retirement planning? Traditional retirement planning deals with finances, while retirement coaching deals with emotional issues that arise when someone ceases their working life. Jon uses tailor-made coaching sessions – available online – to help near-retirees and retirees clarify their goals and intentions so they can live a more fulfilling retirement and not suffer from the ‘relevance deprivation syndrome’ that afflicts plenty of people during life after work.

As the testimonials Jon has received for his work note, many Australians put a lot of time into planning financially for retirement but little into considering the emotional and lifestyle changes retirement brings – and that’s where Jon steps in. His groundbreaking work in this area has been featured by many media outlets, including the The Australian and The Sydney Morning Herald.

As a passionate advocate of the benefits of a conscious preparation for life post work, Jon blogs frequently and has recently launched a podcast series called About You. With David Kennedy, he’s the co-author of Finding Joy in Retirement.

Jon has also written several children’s books and one on his experience of being a long-distance grandfather.