Asylum seekers need compassion, writes Joan. Source: Pexels
Over-50s are a priority group when it comes to the flu. Source: Shutterstock
Joan is sick and tired of being told she's too old for the workforce. Source: Shutterstock
Joan fell in love when she was first presented with a powder blue VW Beetle. Source: Pixabay
Women today have more opportunities than they did when Joan was growing up. Source: Pexels
Joan worries about the future of society, having noticed an increased in graphic violence over the years. Source: Pixabay
Political correctness has seen some parents and grandparents are changing the plots of classic fairy tales for their children. Source: Pexels
The flu season is almost here and doctors want patients to get vaccinated.
Girls! Who run the world? Source: Pixabay

About Joan Rowe

Joan was born in Melbourne as the youngest of three girls, and left school at 15 to fulfil her mother's (not her own) dream of being a hairdresser. She worked at it for 15 years, until her daughter was born, and once she started school she retrained as a teacher in Melbourne, getting a post-graduate degree as a teacher-librarian and teacher of the deaf.