To today’s youth: Stop blaming over-60s for your life circumstances

Feb 07, 2023
One Baby Boomer is sick of being blamed for it all. Source: Getty

To all generations, and those to come:

The choices we make in this life will affect those who follow. We really need to consider the future.

Your choice to make the most of the time you have in this world. Your choice to ensure you have a healthy planet for you, your children, and your grandchildren to live in.

Your choice to change the attitudes and the behaviours that are deteriorating into anarchy. Your choice to fight for what is right. Your choice to pull this world back from the brink of disaster is teetering on.

Your choice is to ensure your government cares for the country, the people, and the environment. Your choice to protect the planet in these days when global corporations are polluting and destroying.

Your choice to ensure indigenous people of this world do not become extinct as some already have. Your choice is to welcome refugees and help them learn to live without fear. Your choice to ensure a healthy global population.

Your choice to ensure food stocks and productivity can continue on into infinity. Your choice to manage and direct scientists and the government that determine what you do and what you eat does not create debilitating and life-threatening allergies and illnesses.

Your choice to treat people the same way you wish to be treated.

Your choice to help others clean up and learn to be strong and reject drugs and substances that apart from giving some form of pleasure destroy lives and not only the life of the user. Your choice to make the right choices. I have many more I could add.

We fought for the right to have freedom, to have a safe environment, a healthy life for our children, and to be able to care for our families. Sixty years on, and technology has turned some of the things that we fought for, for our children and grandchildren on their heads. Technology has replaced people in so many ways.

Your choice could be to use technology to enhance and enrich lives, not replace them. Your choice could be to continue the fight for the right we took to the government so you could have an education.

If you stand back and say to the generation before you “it is all your fault”, then you are not the children my generation and my children’s generations brought up and fought for. I am so fed up with these younger generations crying “it’s all your fault”.

I could have said that to my parents or grandparents. They could have said the same to theirs, but we didn’t.

We were the ones scientists experimented on (thalidomide etc.). We were the ones who endured without the safety net of life-saving vaccines. We and all our forefathers were the ones who forged the pathways you can follow and further develop.

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