You can cook a pork roast in your air fryer, but Jennifer wonders why you'd want to. Source: Getty Images
Move over pie maker, there's a new food appliance frenzy in town. Source: Getty Images
Jennifer makes and sells golliwog dolls, like the ones in this shop window, and says they are much loved children's toys. Source: Getty Images
The Japanese people have believed that onsen water has a multitude of healing properties, which is why Jenny was so keen to give one a go. Source: Getty Images
Jennifer enjoys cooking for the various cultures in her family. Source: Getty Images
Jenny wishes she had come up with the idea herself, saying the financial windfall would be wonderful! Source: Getty Images
What should you consider when wanting to take your furry friend on holiday with you? Source: Getty Images
This community blogger considers maybe Prince Harry is taking a leaf out of his great uncle's handbook. Source: Getty Images
Rosellas are just some of the birds that come to Jenny's place. Source: Getty Images

About Jenny Lockhart

A country girl, Jenny likes to write limeriks and short stories. She is a great grandmother to a little boy. Her time is spent travelling between Victoria and Queensland. She has been divorced for 20 years and likes her life right now.
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