‘Move over pie maker! The latest appliance trend transforming the way we cook’

Jul 30, 2020
You can cook a pork roast in your air fryer, but Jennifer wonders why you'd want to. Source: Getty Images

Move over pie maker, take a hike sausage roll maker, there’s yet another new appliance getting crowds of people rioting and jostling. In my opinion this latest gadget is yet another unnecessary purchase, but for those who want it and can’t get their hands on it, it’s causing a major meltdown!

Oh yes, I’m talking about the air fryer!

Recently supermarket giant Aldi had air fryers on special. People were seen queuing for hours in their efforts to get one. Coles then joined the frenzy. Then Bunnings wanted in on the shopper action, getting extra points for making their purchases available online. Smart move Bunnings!

Who wants to be in a warehouse full of screeching people all fighting over that last air fryer on the shelf? Not me.

I had to ask myself though, ‘What can an air fryer do that an oven cannot?’ I couldn’t come up with a suitable answer. In fact, I’m at a loss to explain why this little appliance is in such heavy demand.

Next will be all the weird and wonderful recipes … And the not so weird or wonderful.

Roast pork in an air fryer? Not only am I questioning ‘why’, but in my mind and taking into consideration the size of a decent pork roast, the size would have to be altered so that all you’d get would be a meal for one, two at the most. No leftovers, more like a pork chop and half a potato.

What’s wrong with roasting your pork in an oven? Use the fan force feature if you have to!

“There’s no added fat in an air fryer,” cried one devotee. I’m not sure how she’s been cooking in the past, but I don’t add fat when I cook using my oven. My oven has to circulate the air, just as the air fryer would do.

But perhaps the best part is that when I use my oven, I don’t have to compromise on my serving size. My oven takes a whole roast … with the trimmings!

Using an air fryer would take me more time than necessary to feed my family.

Oh, and the weird … Another devotee suggested using puff pastry, an apple and a Caramel Koala chocolate. “Wrap it up and cook it in your air fryer,” they said. The thought of that makes me turn a bit green.

What about puff pastry smeared with strawberry jam, then place a Tim Tam in the centre and fold it up into a parcel. Use your air fryer to cook it. Good grief! I’m feeling positively ill now.

Who thinks of this stuff? It’s obvious those who have very little to do with their time and a mountain of sugary treats hiding in the pantry cupboards at home. Could you imagine eating any of those things on a regular basis? No only would you be chastised by your dentist, but your blood sugar would surely be through the roof!

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Do you have an air fryer? What's your preferred method of cooking?

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