A puppy, or indeed any pet, requires a serious commitment of time and money – just like funding and managing a self-managed super fund.
Plenty of things have improved over the years, including your options for creating an income stream in retirement.
You don’t have to sacrifice your hard-earned superannuation savings to get the maximum Age Pension.
Don’t let one of the most popular retirement fairy stories put you off setting your retirement date.
Share markets motored upward in early 2019 and the outlook is relatively sunny for the rest of the year.
Even if your super balance is lower than you would like, there are still options open to you to change so that  you can have a more comfortable and carefree retirement.
Some retirement income options look great on the surface but may not be the best option if the long-term health of your nest egg is a concern.
The first step in planning your finances for retirement is working out what your super balance will be.
A change in the rules on imputation credit refunds could erode some retirees’ incomes, though to what extent is up for debate.