The grandmother said she "wouldn’t dream of treating their home the same way." Source: Getty Images.
Feeling the effects of an empty nest? Adopting a senior pet can help fill the void. Source: Getty
The Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards were founded in 2015 by two photographers. Source: Getty
A happy snap from Travel at 60's 1970s-themed Fraser Island community group holiday in May this year. Source: Adrian Townsend
John Travolta and Kelly Preston with their children Ella and Benjamin in May 2018. Source: Getty
Prime Minister Scott Morrison said premiers must stick to the plan and reward Australians for getting jabbed. Source: Getty
The Duchess of Cornwall launched her book club on Instagram on New Year's Eve last year. Source: Getty
Hugh Jackman has said that it wasn't until he was 12 or 13 that it dawned on him his mother would never return. Source: Getty
Prince Charles and Diana in early November, 1992, a month before they announced their separation. Source: Getty