Fran is tired of being made to feel like a third-rate citizen. Source: Getty
The unertainty of the past couple of years together with the influence of social media has given rise to a negativity that must be challenged. Source: Getty Images
Protests and civil unrest aren't revolutionary, they're blocking our path to success. Source: Getty Images
Fran suffered from terrifying hallucinations and heard voices following her recent surgery. Source: Getty Images
Aerial view of Genoa and its attractions. Source: Getty Images
Fran discusses the benefits and pitfalls of social media. Source: Getty
Fran was left unimpressed after a visit to an eye specialist. Source: Getty
Fran discusses the difficulty of living on the pension. Source: Getty
Fran recalls the wonderful years she spent with her beloved Nanna. Source: Getty (stock image)

About Fran Spears

Fran loves to write and travel, and in 2020 she fulfilled two of her life-long dreams. Her debut novel His Crimes, Her Secrets — a real-life story of one woman’s strength to overcome the odds of domestic violence — was published; and she travelled to Italy. Fran attended university for the first time at the age of 60 and now has a degree in public relations. She has mild and chronic bronchitis — two words that in the same sentence make her laugh. You can find out more about Fran at her author Facebook page.
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