Trump lets fly about Turnbull phone call again

The drama continues as the US president airs his frustration about the media coverage of his call to Malcolm Turnbull.
The drama continues as they two leaders battle out the refugee deal.

It seems the drama surrounding prime minister Malcolm Trunbull’s, sorry Turnbull’s, phone call with Donald Trump isn’t over yet.

Just days ago, the US president was reported to have slammed his chat with our PM as “the worst call by far” and later called the refugee deal “dumb”.

Last night though, Trump sent out a tweet to his millions of social media followers saying he was thankful to Turnbull for speaking the truth about their call and blasted media that had reported otherwise.

“Thank you to Prime Minister of Australia for telling the truth about our very civil conversation that FAKE NEWS media lied about. Very nice!” he wrote on his Twitter page.

The turnabout comes after Trump reportedly ended his call with Turnbull 35 minutes early and accused Australia of trying to “export the next Boston bomber”.

After years of enjoying a cushy relationship as allies, it appears our friendship with the US is heading into rocky territory.

Trump has already issued an executive order banning immigration from a number of Muslim countries and instating what he calls “extreme vetting” for all immigrants.

Even if Trump eventually decides to honour the deal to take 1250 refugees from Manus Island and Nauru, there is no guarantee they will make it through the vetting process.

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While the spat has angered some Aussies, others say Trump is only doing what he promised and putting security and national interest above all else.

While his opponents have been horrified by his actions since he took office, there’s no denying his supporters are thrilled.

But what about poor old us? Australia has given a lot to the US over the past decade and more, namely through our commitment to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Don’t we deserve to reap the benefits of the relationship? Or should we just have to deal with the idea that America might not be willing to play nice anymore?

What are your thoughts on this?

  1. Diandra  

    I never believe anything I read in the media.

    • Chris Henson  

      I don’t believe you.

  2. Trump may well thumb is nose at us now, but when he starts another war, which he is bound to do, we will be one of the first countries he will call on to bail him out. That is what has always happened in the past. Maybe it is time america stand on their own two feet.

    • Dave Pritchard  

      Maybe it’s time WE did, Jan. I can understand the sucking up to the yanks,after W.W.II, after the perception of abandonment by Britain, and the realisation that our regional security was better served with a U.S.alliance. “Volunteering” out troops for Vietnam may have been a mistake., in retrospect. We would probably be best off as a neutral country, but I don’t think the “national psyche” can handle that…yet. We are over 4 times as populous, as the little 5-million nation we were in the late 40s

    • Joan Marshall  

      Jan. It is time for all countries to stand on their own feet. President Trump is staying true to his promise to the American people. As for America depending on us when and if there is a war is Stupid it is the world that has used America and then run them down. I spent 9 weeks in America and it gave me a good idea of the Americans and that is, they are a generous, friendly, respectful people. My advice to you is get rid of the rubbish taught by our parents and think for yourself. Every nationality has its strengths and weaknesses. If you want peace in this world take each person on their merits that you come across. I could say awful things about Australians but …I will not because Australians and Australia have welcomed me as an immigrant and I in return have proved my worth by working very hard and enjoying all the comforts I have worked for.

  3. Media is the Worlds biggest War Monger. WHY?.its Money Making.

  4. Patricia  

    The agreement was reciprocal right from the start with us taking an equivalent number of Central American refugees – majority probably Catholic not Muslim. I would prefer Australia terminates this agreement and looks after this small number of people we have persecuted by leaving in limbo in hell holes for years because Trump will extract too high a price if the US takes ANY. Imagine being required to send extra troops to Iraq or a ship to patrol the South China Sea because of a handful of refugees. Trump’s price will be much too high. Don’t do it Australia.

  5. John McInerney  

    What a dispicable agreement where humans become pawns to be traded between heads of state. The world is on a downward spiral.

  6. Malachi  

    “Trunbull’s” Have you sunk to the same level as the junk news media??? Show some respect to our prime minister. Australians are better than that….

    • John Brants  

      That’s what the “indomitable” Sean Spicer called Turnbull.

  7. Graham Alexander  

    Trump reminds me of Henry 8th. A big fat lying bastard who cheated his way to the throne and then did everything possible to try and behead every living person. He is the reason we have taxes today. They were called Tythes back then. He was so greedy he stole every last crop from his farmers and hauled them up in barns or tythe barns around the country side. But he was so stupid he didnt realise the food would go off before he could get his grubby hands on it. Sounds just like Trump.

  8. purple  

    Don’t understand why we are doing this at all. The we should not be doing deals with anyone as we will be the ones who come out worse off. Let’s just bite the bullett and resettle these human beings who have been granted refugee status in Australia. We have enough new border control regulations to not let the boats start up again..these people were already in transit when we changed the laws!

  9. Ray  

    Why don’t we bring our troops home? If we stop killing them over there, then terrorism risks in Australia will stop. The so called enemy who have done no harm to us, believe in an eye for an eye. After we pull the troops out we could use the $billions saved to settle those in Nauru and Manus. And put more money into border protection. Then tell Trump to fight his own wars.

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