Trump accuses Turnbull of trying to ‘export terrorists’

Donald Trump and Malcolm Turnbull's phone call on Sunday night was apparently less than friendly .
The two leader hashed out the deal on Sunday night.

US president Donald Trump told Malcolm Turnbull “this was the worst call by far” during their chat on Sunday night, according to reports by The Washington Post.

The two leaders reportedly clashed over the refugee deal with Trump making his feelings clear and slamming the pact to take refugees from Manus Island as “the worst ever” before abruptly hanging up and ending the call more than half-an-hour early.

The account of the call is in vast contrast to the government’s version of events. On Monday, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop claimed the leaders had a constructive conversation and hashed out together to ensure all the 1250 refugees in question would make it to America.

The Washington Post says sources within the White House told them things were far from friendly between the two and Trump got so frustrated he even accused Australia of trying to “export the next Boston bomber”.

Trump had already spoken to four other world leaders that day, including Russian president Vladimir Putin, but apparently it was his chat with Turnbull that really got under his skin!

Talking about the call on Monday, Bishop said Turnbull and Trump had a great chat, but it appears it might be so.

“I’m confident that the Australian government and the US government will continue to support each other in ensuring that we can implement our strong immigration and border protection policies,” Bishop said.

“The Australian government is working very closely with the administration and the US officials and we want to ensure that Australians continue to have access to the United States, as they have in the past, and people from the United States have access to Australia.”

What are your thoughts on this? Are you surprised to hear such a different version of events here?

  1. Roy Bridges  

    Rubbish, very poor reporting ,what about some facts. A source from the White House said this did not happen. !

    • Jill  

      Agree, it’s a load of baloney, please tell us the source of this report startsat60. Confirmation and proof thanks.

    • Kathy  

      Well, it’s currently being reported all over news media not just this site.

  2. Daniel  

    It doesn’t seem to matter what country Turnbull is asking to take the Manus and Naru refugees no one wants them.
    The Prime Minister may have to eat his party’s words and allow them entry into Australia or send them back.
    Either way Australia’s relationship with the USA is changed forever. Perhaps it is time to put Australia first when it comes to dealing with the USA.
    If every country put their own people before the USA then maybe the USA would get the message they are sending to the rest of the world.

    • Carolyn  

      I believe by looking after us Australians that they refugees should be sent back to their home land. It is time our pollies looked after number one and most Australians want to be seen as number one when it comes to politics. I think we are all fed up with being treated like second class citizens

    • Joan Marshall  

      Daniel I get the impression that like a lot of people you will not admit we need America for defence do not run them down and then run to them for defence. Can we be attacked by countries around us of course we can and it is only because of America the we are left alone. Yes Malcolm Turnbull should look after Australians first and if he has to make tough decisions about refugees well make them.

  3. David George  

    Really not worth commenting on. Both these people are nobodies as I am sure history will reveal in time to come. It is no good pussy footing around with a person like Donald Trump. Turnbull Is not this man unfotprtunatley, no spine, no balls and a weak character.

  4. It would not surprise me if Trump did hang up. He has got to be the most arrogant ill-mannered person on this earth. He seems to think everyone should bow down and kiss his boots, but in Australia they are more likely to tell him to kiss my a…Unfortunately we have a PM with no guts or backbone, he seems to think Trump will back us all the way, well unless there is something in it for him he wont. He is just a big mouth trying to be a dictator to the American people and they are falling for it.

    • Greg  

      Trump just doesn’t want to have to deal with a far left-wing, lying, pan-licking twat,
      It is that simple !!

    • Anna Katnich  

      Well said except that Americans deserve him as large proportion of them are as ignorant to the point of stupidity

  5. Murray Walker  

    Not surprised if this has some element of truth. Time we put Australia first, and started to make some hard decisions for our country. Stop cow towering to USA and others, stop trying to off load our refugee problems and start to run the country.

  6. Deb Taylor  

    Seriously….who can you believe??

  7. Tony Russell  

    Trump maybe “difficult” within diplomatic circles , however how refreshing that finally an elected politician has clearly kept his election promises and frankly this is a world wide wake up call to all pollies either keep your word or lose your credibility real quick . Delighted to see governments squirming and running round in circles, with fingers up their collective butts.

    • Joan Marshall  

      Tony You are so right when a President is elected he has to stick to his promises for the people who put him in that position. If Malcolm Turnbull does not wake up and show some courage to make difficult decisions he would have lost my vote in the next election after voting Liberal for 50 years. NO I will never vote Labor never have and never will. Socialism encourages too many laggards of society.

      • Guy Flavell  

        Could Pauline and Cory amalgamated be our only hope of good governance Joan ?

  8. Greg Hills  

    Donald Trump’s lack of World knowledge is nothing short of astounding!
    Every day that passes from now on is just a scary thought that he is supposedly “leader of the free world”!
    As intelligent people know, the majority of refugees are just people who gave been hounded out of their homelands for fear of persecution. They are not, and are not likely to become terrorists!

  9. Jack Cotter  

    I can understand Mr Trumps remarks if they are true, he is living up to his promises and protecting the American people. The undeniable truth though, is that if America didn’t run around the world removing foreign governments at will and replacing them with puppet regimes, the world would not be in as big a mess as it is. On the question of refugees – they aren’t they are invaders. Instead of paying all of that money out to them as immigrants we should be helping to rebuild their countries and keeping them in their own countries. Other comments are right about Mr Trunbull he is weak as so many Australians are today – we need to man up as a nation.

  10. elena  

    So sorry, Malcom. MT paid close to $ to be in this humiliated situation. Well, perhaps those who push themselves to be in a undeserved position deserve such humiliation.

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