Grant Hackett posts photo of black eye, accuses brother

Hackett brothers at odds: He's dangerous claims Craig. He beat me, claims Grant.
Grant Hackett in troubled waters.

A day after being arrested on the Gold Coast Grant Hackett claims his brother beat the s*** out of him.

An image of Grant with cuts and bruising around his face was posted to his Instagram account with comments relating to his brother Craig talking to media after his arrest.

However, when speaking to the media outside the family home Craig said it was Grant who was a danger to himself and the community.

“We are pleading for people to help us,” Craig said.

“It’s coming to the point where he is dangerous.”


My brother comments to the media… but does anyone know he beat the shit out of me. Everyone knows he is an angry man.

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Craig spoke frankly about what the family was experiencing shortly after the incident.

“I feel for mum and dad.”

“This is now a chronic problem, we are trying everything we can.”

He said there was no medical diagnosis so they were just guessing what the main issues were with Grant, but said he understood there were many people with mental illness that were having trouble getting diagnosed.

“Hopefully he can get the treatment he can get.”

“He had the world at his feet… to now.”

Grant Hackett's brother said he is not the man everyone loved anymore.
Grant Hackett’s brother said he is not the man everyone loved anymore.














Hackett is best known for winning the men’s 1500 metres freestyle at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and at Athens in 2004.

He captained the Australian swimming team for three years from 2005.

He retired after getting silver at Beijing in 2008.

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In recent years he has had a public struggle with his demons, including an incident where he groped a passenger on an interstate flight.

“The Grant Hackett that Australia fell in love with, they can still have that affection towards him,” he said. “This is not Grant Hackett.

“This is a completely different person. I don’t know this person, my mum and dad don’t know this person. He’s there in body, but he’s not there in mind, in soul or spirit.”


If you need help:

Contact Lifeline 131114

  1. sharon  

    You need to slow down and take a good look at yourself Grant
    life can be challenging for everyone. If you leave the drugs and alcohol alone you will eventually see life in a different light. You have a lot to live for so get on with it.
    I really do hope you listen to all the great advise out their and lift your head and start walking a proud man.

    • Penny  

      I hope, for your sake, he doesn’t have a depressive illness, as this type of judgemental comment will not help, in fact judgements are most damaging to anyone will such an illness. Accurately informed opinions are better than believing the sensationalized media reports.

  2. Barclay Wade  

    Hang in there Grant…we all hit hurdles every now and the. You can beat this…all the Olympic Family are behind you and there for you. Barclay Wade Olympian

    • AJ Kierath  

      Hi Barclay….’Popeye’ & the Adams 8 metre championships in the 80s! 🙂

  3. desleigh clarke  

    So sad, but if he came at me or my loved ones with a knife, I’d probably deck him too!!

  4. AJ Kierath  

    We’re all sick & tired of hearing about Grant & his misadventures….It’s been going on for much too long now & it doesn’t appear that he wants to help himself….And now he’s eliciting sympathy because his brother has had enough of his antics? Get it together Grant!!

  5. Joan Marshall  

    Grant. Be a man know you need help and get it. You are falling from grace with the Australian people. Why is it you people achieve so much and then mentally loose it that you are a danger to yourself and society. An example before you is Ben Cousins look at him and vow not to go the same way please.

  6. Lance  

    We love and praise them when they’re winning, and then can them when they need us. You’re a champion Grant. Good luck

  7. Sue  

    I don’t blame his brother. If he was near me like that I would hit out also. Get your act together Grant. You have had enough chances

  8. William  

    This morning the ABC were reporting Grant’s issues as national news and lamented the fact it was all playing out in a glare of publicity. They then crossed to their reporter outside on the footpath. It wouldn’t be a glare of publicity if they weren’t broadcasting it. It’s all about getting a story the rest of us are happy to not know about. Don’t these people have any decency or common sense?

  9. This is good that it is brought out in the open, so that we can see how these situations unfold in families because of drugs! There is no embarrassment and nothing to be ashamed of this young man needs help, he is finding it difficult and thus his lashing out is his way of screaming for help! I hope that he is able to find his way and wish him and his family well! So sad to see this happening in our society today for every family there is another family out there that his is happening to! Where will governments start doing something about it??

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