Grant Hackett arrested on the Gold Coast

The swimmer has been taken into custody.
Hackett was filmed in the back of the police car. Image: Seven News

Australian Olympic swimmer Grant Hackett has been arrested by police on the Gold Coast, following what is father described as a “breakdown”.

The swimmer’s father Nev called the police and requested they come to his Mermaid Waters home over a domestic violence incident involving his son.

He told News Corp, his son was “ranting and raving” and that he as been “receiving treatment from a doctor”. He said Hackett had been arrested over “mental health issues” and had gone with police without resisting. 

Hackett was seen handcuffed in the back of a police car as they drove into the Southport watch house this afternoon. He is expected to be released later this afternoon, with reports saying he will be taken to hospital by his doctor. 

The arrest is the latest in a string of incidents for the former champion swimmer.

Last year, he was forced to issue an apology after groping a passenger on a flight to Melbourne.

“I have stuffed up more than once and am working on these issues,” he said at the time.

What are your thoughts on this?

  1. Michelle Thornton  

    I don’t condone his actions, but there are bigger issues with his mental state of mind! I hope he gets treatment to help control the obvious problems.

    • Jennifer  

      Agree, hopefully the media keep away and allow Grant the time and space to sort the issues that need worked on.

  2. Mrs Marilyn Aldridge  

    I think its more than that , I get the feeling Drugs are involved and we are kept out of the picture .
    why does he get so volatile and look out of it , coming off the plane in that wheel chair he fell asleep .

  3. Cynthia Currant  

    Some father when he calls police instead of an ambulance.Grant needs medical help;arresting him won’t get him the help he needs.Definately not father of the year.

    • Libby  

      Don’t be too hasty to condem the father. Regardless the issues the situation was out of his control. He needs a facility that works with him”until” he is better, not a time limit.

    • Sandra Reed  

      Don’t be too hard. I called the mental team assessment team looking after my son, but they sent the police instead.

    • Daphne  

      Please don’t Judge what you don’t know. If you have not lived the situation you cannot judge. Certainly hope Grant gets the help he needs and that his dad has support too. These situations are not easy at anytime more so when it is your flesh and blood that is involved.

    • Jennifer  

      By having the police come, it assits with the admittance to the mental health dept quicker. I think his parents know what is best in dealing with this situation.

    • Hanna Craven  

      I think a lot of people confuse a drug problem with a mental problem

    • Colleen  

      Cynthia no one can judge his father especially if you have not been in their situation believe me it is one of the hardest things to do to seek help by calling the police as calling an ambulance after so many times is not an option he needs help, now maybe he can get it court ordered by a judge.

    • wendi nichols  

      his father did right …regardless of his mental health if the guy was threatening and abusive luverly got to calll the authorities…. not our plac to comment we don’t know what went on

  4. yvonne stengel  

    also he has been in the limelight all of his life the sporting body must take some of the blame for how our olmypians turn out after they no longer compete they are so use to be dictated to and when they are let loose dont know what to doits the same as footballers they have such a sheltered life that after they are no longer required they go off the rails

    • Monika Harrison  

      You are so right, that’s what I think. They lead a very sheltered life during their sporting years and when they retire they feel very lost as they lack social skills.all they did was eat train and sleep plus their education. Athletes need to be prepared for life after their sporting career. Feel sorry for Grant Hackett. He was such a Hero when he was representing our country and he needs help now and not made into media spectacle.

  5. Jacqui  

    Please don’t condem this poor father. He is doing what he thinks is right for his son and family. Good on the father who had guts to call the police and try and get help for his son.

    • MoragFord  

      That is called tough love ,probably broke his heart but that is true love.i hope Grant gets all the help he needs.

  6. Why do we continue to hide the fact that drugs are of the utmost and first thing that cause these problems in our society and if we made it a point to shout this problem out so much so that we would be brainwashed into knowing what these things do to your body then maybe people would realise especially the young ones which is sad to say that at least half of them are doing this crap! Then we have high profile people who this happens to and they are supposed to be setting an example! If governments wanted to they could clean up their act but it looks as though they are making profits as well! By the looks of things situations are just going to get worse in our society because of our blindness to these facts!! 😠

  7. Joan Marshall  

    Something tells me DRUGS are involved with Grant Hackett. What a shame that with fame these people pay the ultimate price of nearly going mad. Look at Ben Cousins another sad case. These people really are so selfish that they do not consider anybody including their families.

  8. Roby D  

    From other news feeds previously, I understood that Grant was an alcoholic.
    Maybe he needs to go to AA. Abusive behaviour like this is a sure sign, that Grant has an
    Alcohol problem.

  9. J.Loehr  

    No its not right for a father to call police call his doktor and or ambulance ,

  10. The public do not know the full story so stop trying to suggest which problem Grant has. Leave them alone to sort through their issues.

  11. Fiona  

    Father calls police instead or doctor? Brother bags Grant on national TV and seems to have no compassion for his brother! Looks like Grant’s brother has issues of his own …. jealousy maybe !
    Where is the support of his family? It seems that it is very hard for an Australian Sports Star to transition into normal everyday life.

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