UPDATE: Grant Hackett’s says he’s safe after family raises alarm

Have you seen him?
Grant Hackett has been reported missing.

UPDATE: Police say Grant Hackett has been found safe and well.

Earlier today his family reporting he was missing and we concerned for his safety.


EARLIER: 2.30PM Brisbane 

After first being arrested, then taking to social media accusing his brother of attacking him, Grant Hackett has now been reported missing.

His father Nev spoke to reporters on the Gold Coast pleading for help to find the Olympic-gold medalist.

He said Grant had checked out of his Gold Coast Hotel and there was now concern for his safety.

“He’s definitely a missing person. He’s mentally disturbed and needs urgent help … If anybody has seen him contact the media or the police or the Hackett Family.”

“Grant, let us know where you are. We love you and we want to help you.”

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  1. Joan Tisdell  

    PLEASE leave the boy alone, he needs love, understanding and help. All the media attention is doing is damage! It’s obviously not easy to go back to an ordinary life after stardom as is evident by the actions of both Grant and Ian Thorpe, none of you know what goes on in their head, they did Australia proud during their swimming years, so now, time for a ” fair go” for them!

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