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When we are in our 60s, it can feel like we are being judged by society at every turn, especially about the way we present ourselves. But how do we look youthful and younger without feeling ridiculous? It’s a difficult balancing act but there are plenty of over 60 women doing it well and so can you!

As long as you want to accentuate what you have instead of being obvious about it, then you’ll be on to a winner. There’s nothing worse than a 60-year-old in a tight leather skirt with cleavage spilling out of a too-tight top!

Here’s our tips for staying stylish in your 60s without overdoing it.

Donate or throw out the following items:

  • Muumuus
  • Floral cotton shirts
  • Three-quarter unfitted white pants
  • ‘Jesus’ sandals
  • Plain elastic-waisted pants
  • Polo shirts
  • Plain, oversized t-shirts
  • Knitted, unflattering jumpers
  • Anything with embroidery


Don’t fall victim to the over 60 women’s attitude of wearing all your jewellery at once. Instead, focus on one statement piece with a few smaller accessories. Sounding like a rattle is not flattering or making you look younger.

Shop in places you never have before

One of the biggest mistakes mature women make is excluding themselves from stores that have a younger feel. No, the shop assistant won’t look at you strangely, and no she won’t judge you! Have a browse, you might be surprised what you find. Some of the cheaper clothing stores such as Valley Girl, Temt and Dotti have great clothes to suit any body shape or age, such as cardigans, flowy skirts, basic tops, pretty dresses and chic three-quarter capri pants.

Wear jeans

Jeans are always in fashion, and they can look great at any age – just make sure you get the right type for your shape. Trouser cut or flared jeans look better on larger women, but if you have a small waist, you can pull off thinner, darker types.

Try prints, colours and textures

A simple black and white outfit can transform into a youthful look with some well-placed colour. Try to add leopard print shoes to an all-black outfit, or a coloured necklace and accessories to a white top and jeans.

Dress up an outfit with a scarf

A beautiful silk or cotton scarf can do wonders for a plain outfit. You’ll look youthful and chic while looking effortless. Team it with a simple grey top and black pants for an evening look.

Avoid high heels

Sky-high heels are not making you look younger, they are doing the opposite. All you need is a kitten heel (i.e. a short heel) or a nice flat to make any outfit look classy and young.

Pay attention to your hair

An outfit can go from fab to drab if your hair isn’t looking great. If you have long hair, give it a blow dry with some soft curls, or wear it in a bun with a bit of fringe. If you have short hair, texture it with some hair product. Simple hair accessories also work well, but stay away from bows, headbands and anything floral.

And above all:


  • Don’t worry what other people think – as long as you feel comfortable
  • You don’t have to spend a lot to look good, you just have to be smart about it
  • Keep your long hair as long as you want!
  • Stay away from baggy clothes– instead wear shapewear or tummy-tucking underwear to hide any lumps or bumps
  • Go shopping online to find great looks and browse what’s out there – especially if you’re put off by pushy sales assistants
  • Wear leggings if you can get away with it!
  • Match old with new – don’t shy away from your vintage clothing…simply mix it with new purchases for a stylish, youthful look
  • Have a core wardrobe of neutral basics that you can liven up with over shirts, jackets and accessories
  • Skirts should be on the knee or lower, never higher
  • Go for sleeves, or sleeveless items you can cover up
  • Keep a book of your favourite looks from magazines
  • Less is more


Our favourite looks for over 60s

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest
Source: Budget Fashionista
Source: Woman and Home
Source: Woman and Home
Source: Woman and Home


How do you dress yourself in your 60s? Who is your style inspiration? What’s your number one style tip? Tell us below!

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  1. The dress I wore to a wedding 2 weeks ago at 65 – I felt good and summery as it was a garden wedding but opinions please.

    25 REPLY
  2. Is it true that the new top fashion for older women is to have their hair natural? GREY’ a reply would be good.

    12 REPLY
    • I think it’s an entirely personal choice. I let mine go grey and found I was treated like an invisible old being. I dyed it again slightly lighter than my once natural dark hair and viola I was treated much differently, I never go by what models wear heaven knows what they must wear underneath their clothes to achieve their look. Be comfortable in your own skin getting older is a privilege many don’t get to achieve. Dress to be who you are not what others tell you to be.

    • Thanks Soph. I do just as you advise anyway BUT I just wanted to read what people thought. You look a great deal younger than I, and I thank you for your reply.

    • I have allowed myself to go grey and have had no problems with being overlooked – in fact I have found quite the opposite – I get treated with more respect. I love my grey hair 🙂

    • Most of my good friends all have their hair lightened to hide the greys which looks fine….
      I am naturally dark and I,m not really going grey anyway mainly at the sides so I just put a natural brown etc on…

    • Just learn to accept ageing…don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks as long as your happy that’s what matters…Wear a tutu shopping if you want!!!

    • I have alopeacia so wear wigs. I bought a new one yesterday, thought I would go grey but after trying numerous wigs decided I am not ready for grey yet

  3. After watching the article suggested, I noted all the models were very thin and if you live in hot climate long sleeves, scarves, fitted pants, jeans etc are not an option I would choose especially in summer.

    1 REPLY
    • Hah yes u are definitely right there…. I can’t tolerate sleeves of any type in hot weather even after the hot flushes have come and gone years ago!!!! And the models need to be ALL sizes

  4. As a bloke I reckon the advise given above is pretty well spot on. There is nothing more off putting than “mutton dressed as lamb.” I think elegance and simplicity are what makes a woman look great. Over doing it in an attempt to attract attention does not cut it. If a woman is not comfortable in her clothing; it shows. Women look very sexy in clothes that compliment their bodies. Tasteful and subtly revealing is what catches the eye.

  5. Please dress for the size you are, not the size you would like to be. This applies to women of any age. Can’t wait for the micro shorts fad to pass 🙁

    1 REPLY

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