The quirkiest pubs in Australia to visit on your next road trip

Jan 22, 2020
Make sure to include these pubs on your next trip around Australia. Source: Getty

Having a drink at the local pub is somewhat of an Aussie tradition, with even the smallest of towns having a place to grab a beer or a schnitty and chips. So, when travelling across the country with the caravan in tow most people aim for a place where they can do just that.

But, while there are great pubs situated in the most well-known towns and cities, you’ll find some of the best ones in the little-known areas throughout Australia. They all have their own quirk that makes them unique, and although they may take a while to get to, it will be an experience you won’t forget.

So, next time you head off on an adventure, be sure to add these top 5 quirky pubs to your itinerary.

The Silverton Hotel

If you’re a movie buff then the Silverton Hotel is the perfect stop on your grey nomadding adventure. The pub is situated in the small town of Silverton in the far west of New South Wales. It’s around 26 kilometres north-west of Broken Hill with a population of just 50.

The Silverton Hotel has been featured in many famous films over the years. Source: Getty

However, don’t let that scare you off. The iconic pub is one of the most famous in the country for its appearance in a number of hit films. Over 20 movies and television series have been filmed at the Silverton Hotel including Mad Max, The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Mission Impossible II and The Slim Dusty Movie.

Inside you’ll find a collection of photographs from during filming — you might even notice some famous faces. But that’s not all the pub is known for. If you’re up for a feed, you can try a serving of bangers and mash, a juicy hamburger or their famous hot dog.

The Desert Cave Hotel

If you’re venturing through Coober Pedy in South Australia on your next caravan trip, then you have to check out the Desert Cave Hotel. The pub is the only one in the country which is situated underground, so, instead of being surrounded by drywall you’ll see natural sandstone.

The Desert Cave Hotel is the only underground pub in Australia. Source: Getty

Coober Pedy is known to be quite hot, reaching the high 30s and 40s during summer, so the majority of the town is underground. The sandy exterior locks out the heat and humidity and with no natural light it can make for the ultimate relaxation experience.

Due to its uniqueness, it’s a little fancier than the usual pub. You can have a fine-dining experience in the Umberto’s Restaurant or enjoy a tasty breakfast or lunch at the Crystal Cafe. While underground you can also browse through the many shops or even stay the night in one of the hotel rooms.

The Oasis Roadhouse

Most pubs have a main bar area, a restaurant and perhaps a gaming area as well. But the Oasis Roadhouse is far different. The teeny pub in outback Queensland is known as the smallest pub in Australia, with just enough standing room to fit three to four people inside.

You’ll find the Oasis Roadhouse at the Lynd Junction in Conjuboy, which lies around three hours from Townsville. It’s just 1.2 metres wide, so expect a tight squeeze! But, there’s always cold beer on tap and a friendly face to greet you on arrival. And when you leave, don’t forget to leave a note on the signature wall which has been marked by people from across the globe.

The William Creek Hotel

The town of William Creek may only have a population of 10, but its pub is a major hit with passersby travelling along the Oodnadatta Track. It’s around 210kms north-west of Maree and 160kms east of Coober Pedy in South Australia.

Some people refer to the town as ‘in the middle of nowhere, on the way to somewhere’, however, it still has a place to drink. The William Creek Hotel is visited by travellers from across the world and they like to make their mark, leaving everything from bras and undies to business cards at the pub. It has given the pub character and keeps visitors rolling in.

The Daly Waters Pub 

When you walk into the Daly Waters Pub the first thing you’ll say is ‘wow!’. To locals and tourists alike it’s known as the ‘bar with bras’, and for good reason. It’s truly like nothing you’ve seen before with bras of all colours, shapes and designs hanging from the roof.

The Daly Waters Pub is famous for the many bras hanging up inside the building. Source: Getty

Apparently, the trend of leaving your bra in the pub first began in the 1980s when a coach driver bet his female passengers that they couldn’t drink a certain number of beers. If they lost, they had to leave their bra behind. Since then the collection has continued to grow and hence the pub’s nickname was created.

If you’re up for a visit, you’ll have to travel a bit of distance. The pub is located over 250kms south of Katherine in the Northern Territory, in the small town of Daly Waters. The population is around 23 and there’s not much more to the town than the iconic pub, but it’s definitely worth a stop if you’re in the area.

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