The different jobs Grey Nomads can do while living on the road

Jul 16, 2022
Some Grey Nomads may opt to work while on the road for the added income to fund their travels. Source: Getty

Finding work while you travel around Australia can be like opening an unexpected present from a long-lost relative —until you look into it, you never know what you’ll find!

Grey Nomads who have chosen caravaning long-term will know that many experiences in this lifestyle are like that. But how does one approach unwrapping this experience?

Well, Starts at 60 have done the research and we’ve outlined job options for retirees considering the nomadic life, the expected average pay, and the nature of the work involved.

Finding work as you travel

For most Grey Nomads, travelling long-term without the need to stop for work, is just not financially possible. Some Grey Nomads may opt to work while on the road for the added income to fund their travels, preventing them from depleting their savings too fast, while others may choose to get a job for the opportunity to gain new skills.

Working in different locations and sectors also gives Grey Nomads an abundance of opportunities to interact with the community and be active contributors to society. Not only that but chatting with the locals in the pub, a coffee shop or even in your caravan park could lead to work.

Popular Grey Nomad jobs

As most Grey Nomads have spent a large part of their lives working, many prefer short-term jobs that provide that little extra income without the stress. Many jobs that fall under this category are seasonal services.

If work on the harvest trail isn’t right up your alley, there’s no reason to feel discouraged! There is still an abundance of other opportunities out there beyond fruit-picking and paddock work that are popular options for Grey Nomads.

Here are a few jobs you can check out:

Fruit picker

Average Salary: $21.85 per hour

Primary Duties:

Fruit picking is arguably one of the most preferred jobs for seasonal work. Fruit pickers are either paid by the hour or by the bucket. The hourly wage is based on the Australian standard wage rate for casual farm workers, but for experienced or enthusiastic pickers a contract arrangement may be arranged.


Average Salary: $25.90 per hour

Primary Duties:

As a farmhand, you’ll find yourself assisting farmers and graziers with growing crops and raising their livestock. Farmhands generally are responsible for the day-to-day work that needs to be done on the farm. Duties differ depending on the type of farm you work for, but overall the main duty is to ensure the farm’s crops and animals reach their optimal state.

Retail sales assistant

Average Salary: $28.09 per hour

Primary Duties:

A retail assistant carries out several responsibilities, this can range from maintaining and restocking goods, serving and assisting customers, and in some cases operating moving equipment. A positive attitude and great team spirit can go a long way in this role.


Average Salary: $31.08 per hour

Primary Duties:

If you fancy yourself a green thumb or have experience in the field of horticulture then you may want to look at short-term gardening jobs. Some tasks include plant selection and planting, general plant and lawn upkeep, leaf removal, weeding, mulching and overall lawn or garden maintenance.

House sitter or caretaker

Average Salary: $50 to $90 base rate per day (as per Airtasker

Primary Duties:

Just as many Grey Nomads leave their homes in the care of housesitters, Grey Nomads too can do a little housesitting as they travel. While this job is generally not a paid position, there are job listings available that do offer paid employment for your services. Some duties in this role may include receptionist work, laundry and maintenance, as well as ground duties.

How to find jobs as a Grey Nomad

One thing is for sure, there is no shortage of job opportunities out there. Thanks to the internet, finding jobs while you’re on the road is now easier than ever. There’s an abundance of websites and Facebook groups that are dedicated to advertising Grey Nomad jobs.

Here are a few credible websites and Facebook groups you can browse to find your next potential job:

Also don’t dismiss the various employment agencies that are available too. Try the following –

What other Grey Nomads are doing

While some people may choose to do seasonal work, others have converted their lifestyle completely. Here’s one Grey Nomad couple’s experience of finding work while travelling around Australia.


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A post shared by Ross Tyson (@travelingbeans_)

Travelling Beans

Travelling Beans was born after Ross and Annie ditched their jobs back in 2007 to spend 2 years travelling around Australia. Two years went by in a flash and the pair came to the conclusion they weren’t too keen to go back to their jobs in Cairns so, they sold up everything and moved to Hervey Bay where they bought a truck and built a coffee pod at its back. After another two years of constructing the mobile coffee truck and convincing Annie to live on the road selling coffee full-time, Travelling Beans has been hitting country music festivals and rodeos all across NSW and QLD.

Remember, working on the road looks differently for everyone, while being a working Grey Nomad may require a certain amount of creativity, it’s important to note that there are more options now to achieve a Grey Nomad life.

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