Princess Charlotte bosses Prince George around says Queen Elizabeth

Apparently the young princess rules at home.

Recently Princess Charlotte looked adorable in pictures released on the royal Instagram page, depicting her on the steps of Kensington Palace before her first day at nursery school.

While she may seem, docile there is apparently quite a strong woman already behind that cute, little face.

Charlotte’s great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth says that the now 2-year-old Charlotte, rules over her big brother at home.

Prince George started school at Thomas’s Battersea in South London in September last year and has been photographed many times donning the school’s uniform

The remarks about Princess Charlotte and Prince George come from an exchange that took place the Queen’s Sandringham estate in Norfolk, where a young girl named Emily Clay, who won a bible signed by the Queen for a school religious education project.

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According to People Magazine, when the Queen was speaking to the 10-year-old school girl she asked if she “looked after” her 6-year-old sister, Hadleigh. Her mother Ellen replied, “It’s the other way around.”

To this, the Queen joked, “It’s like that with Charlotte and George.”

Emily’s family were particularly proud of her as her father, Tom, won the same prize in 1990 according to the Eastern Daily Press reported. From the exchange, it is obvious that Princess Charlotte already possesses some of her great-grandmothers leadership skills. Some could not help but notice her striking resemblance to the Queen when photos were released of her first day at nursery school.

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Vintage photos of the Queen aged about three show features very similar to Charlotte’s. It seems she has inherited the monarchs chubby cheeks, almond eyes and a cheeky smile.

The two-year-old the princess has grown a lot since her last public appearance in July. It was then that she accompanied her parents and brother, Prince George, to Poland and Germany. It was obvious from the pictures of them on the tarmac that she was very strong-willed.

When the young princess went for her first day to nursery school the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were very pleased to share two photographs of Princess Charlotte at Kensington Palace shortly before Princess Charlotte left for her first day of nursery at the Willcocks Nursery School.

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Willcocks Nursery School, is known to be a prestigious institution that focuses on creative learning and good manners; both of these perfect for a future ruler.

Sources told People Magazine that Princess Charlotte was a ‘confident’ child and has settled well into her new nursery school. She is even already speaking some spanish.

Who ruled in your household when you were a child? Does Princess Charlotte remind you of Queen Elizabeth?

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