Connie Francis makes shocking claims about beloved Bobby Darin

The Ed Sullivan Show, featuring singer Bobby Darin performing with Connie Francis in 1960. Source: Getty

She’s about to turn 80 and pop star Connie Francis has made some shocking claims about Bobby Darin.

While she was married four times, Francis has referred to Bobby Darin as her true love – even though he did some pretty shocking things.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail, the singer revealed that she once caught Darin in bed with two prostitutes.

She explained that while Darin had re-married Sandra Dee, she went to a hotel room to comfort him after he’d sent Dee away for serious gambling problem.

“I was never more eager to reach a destination than I was to get to Bobby’s room that night, to be with him, to console him, something I knew I’d always been able to do,” she said.

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“I wrapped lightly on one of the double doors to Bobby’s suite, and when the door flung open, there he stood, totally caught off guard, in the buff, while two hookers were actively writhing on the floor.”

She detailed how she was quite angry with what she saw but despite that, she claimed that Darin was always her soulmate and that she never stopped loving him.

She explained that if it wasn’t for her controlling father, she would have married Darin.

Francis is set to reveal more truths from her extravagant life in her new book, Among My Souvenirs – The Real Story.

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