Flashback! Nicole Kidman's first Aussie movie resurfaces

Did you ever see Bush Christmas? Source: YouTube.com/UmbrellaEntertainment

She’s known for appearing in some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters and for attending some of the entertainment world’s most lavish events, but Nicole Kidman’s acting career had to start somewhere.

Back in 1983, the then 14-year-old appeared in Bush Christmas, her first feature film. 

While most of her movies take the box office by storm, Bush Christmas was considered a flop.

Now, the film has resurfaced, giving fans of the 50-year-old a glimpse of her acting origins.

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In the film she starred as Helen Thompson, a young teenager whose father was a cattle farmer in outback Australia.

While she later went on to appear in BMX Bandits, which really put her on the map, it’s Bush Christmas that’s credited as her first major acting gig.

For the movie, Kidman’s wore her hair in a frizzy style, complete with overalls and an over-the-top Australian accent.

Many stars try and forget their first major movie role, but Kidman has always been proud of Bush Christmas

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In fact, she even admitted to eating witchetty grubs on set.

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“The first professional job was Bush Christmas, which was a film I did in Australia,” she revealed to W Magazine earlier this year.

“I was 14, it was shooting out in the bush in Queensland, and I got to eat witchetty grubs … They are worms that live in the earth, and they’re a milky white colour, and I eat them in the film.”

While most people would turn their noses up at eating bugs, the Moulin Rouge star admitted she was excited to eat them.

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“And I wanted to eat them. I was excited to do that. I’m one of those people,” she said.

“I could go on Survivor and I wouldn’t be good at climbing and all the physical stuff, but I could eat anything. Just so you know. That’s my secret skill.

“Give me a cockroach, I’ll eat it! Spider, I’ll eat it! You name it, I’ve tried it.”

You can’t say she’s not dedicated to her roles.

What do you think? Have you seen Bush Christmas? What’s your favourite Nicole Kidman movie?